Are You Charismatic? Scientists Say These Six Questions Show if You Have a Magnetic Personality

George Clooney at the Cesar Ceremony in 2017. The actor is widely known for his charismatic appeal. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images

Charismatic people always seem to have an edge at work and in their personal lives, but pinpointing what makes someone so magnetic isn't easy. But researchers have attempted to boil down what it is that makes someone like George Clooney so likable—through a series of six questions.

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Many times charisma is linked to leadership, but the team behind the paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology attempt to define it outside of that realm. They believe that ultimately, charisma involves guiding others and making people feel welcome. Here is their six-question test to see how you stack up, as Business Insider reports.

Give yourself a score from one to five on the following attributes: can garner attention in a room, easily influences others, can lead a group, makes others comfortable, smiles, gets along with most people.

After tallying your score, divide the figure by six for your final grade. If your score is higher than 3.7, then congrats! You're more charismatic than average.

This assessment of sorts was created through several studies with almost 1,000 people, Business Insider writes. Participants ranked themselves on various qualities which are indicative of charisma. Essentially, the attribute is rooted in two areas: how much influence you can exert and how likable and easy-going you seem.

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau's charisma has inspired memes and articles about his charm. Hector Vivas/Getty Images

Of course, its results might seem suspect, as no one necessarily wants to say that they don't smile or play well with others, but Business Insider explains that one of the most intriguing findings is that the participants seemed to have a good sense of themselves as their scores aligned with how other people perceived them, too.

While there's still a lot of mystery about what gives someone this "it" factor, one study from 2015 showed that people who are quick thinkers also tend to be more charismatic. The authors of that study explained that while mental speed is often associated with general intelligence, their findings indicated it's important for social intelligence, too. Their reasoning is that mental speed allows people to judge situations quickly and then develop a socially acceptable plan of action.

However, there is hope that you can put on the charm, even if you're not a quick thinker. In 2011, researchers actually taught managers how to be more charismatic by adopting certain behaviors, such as using more facial expressions and gestures.