'They Aren't That Great': 'This Is Us' Fans Discuss Seasons Five and Six

NBC's original show This Is Us has been tugging the heartstrings of many viewers over the past six seasons. With the final season in full effect, some fans shared their disappointment over the previous two seasons.

The hit drama series has been telling the stories of the Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore) and the events that unfold in their family over decades of time. The show, created by Dan Fogelman, touches upon the Pearsons in the 1980's and the events that happen when their children are in their late 30's in present time. The show also stars Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley, Chris Sullivan and Susan Kelechi Watson.

On the This Is Us Reddit forum, one fan posted their "possible unpopular opinion" which started a conversation about the content the last two seasons. U/PerCWB17 asked, "Is it just me who thinks seasons 5 and 6 aren't that great?"

"I understand the limitations of covid last year, but I think the series started to drag a lot, with a lot of focus on symbolism, small talks and too little actually happening," they wrote.

They stated they don't find the series as emotional as previous seasons. The Redditor also commented how they find other plots better than others. Other fans weighed in on the sensitive subject.

"I am personally loving this new season and I loved season 5 too. The season I liked less is the third one. I agree with the fact that even if this show is one of my favourite, it didn't make me cry that much... I definitely cried more with Parenthood if I have to be honest," u/Wondergrace3 said.

"I loved the show in the beginning and I'm watching every episode until the end, but it hasn't captivated me since season 2. I actually prefer the covid season to the Vietnam season, but yeah seasons 3-5 have just been blah for me," said u/Dangerous_Effort3355.

"Not unpopular season 5 wasn't great I think the show lost its emotional touch since season 3," u/dogdemon4ever wrote.

There were also comments about how the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on the previous season, leaving potential storylines on the cutting room floor.

"I did not enjoy Season 5 but I'm holding out judgment for this season because well...it just started," wrote u/Relevant_Happiness in part, "There were parts that worked mostly, and then parts that really didn't work and I think it is exactly what you said....it mainly just felt like the plots didn't go anywhere or that anything was really actively happening." The user also spoke about how the writers incorporated the pandemic to make the show feel "true to life."

"They CHOSE to incorporate COVID which was a bad move and did not go over well. The whole season suffered for that," u/MollyTMcC replied to u/Relevant_Happiness.

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Fans of the drama series 'This Is Us' have mixed emotions on the previous 2 seasons. A fan commented on the content of seasons 5 and 6, which sparked discussion. Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic