This Bride Doesn't Want Her Young Future Stepson at Her Wedding to His Father, and People Are Furious

A seemingly neverending saga of Reddit conversations continues with a woman who doesn't want her fiancé's son to attend their wedding. The woman added her own controversial post to Reddit's community r/AmITheA**hole and received a resounding "yes."

The unnamed woman began her story with what seemed like a reasonable request. She asked if it was crazy that she didn't want children to attend her wedding. While this doesn't necessarily please everyone, it's not uncommon. Kid-less functions exist, and while it requires a babysitter for the moms and dads in attendance, it can ensure some promised peace for the party-holder.

What the woman failed to mention until the latter half of the post is that one of the children she wants to exclude is her fiancé's 11-year-old son—to whom she'd soon be stepmother.

Meghan Markle
Pageboys hold the train of the dress of Meghan Markle as she arrives at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle for her wedding to Prince Harry on May 19, 2018, in Windsor, England. A woman asked on Reddit if it was crazy that she didn't want children to attend her wedding, and that would include her future stepson. Andrew Matthews - WPA Pool/Getty

"I told my Fiance that I would like to have a child free [sic] wedding because I do not want babies and little ones screaming, crying, or running around during our ceremony and reception. This is our special day and I do not want that annoyance. Especially during vows!" she wrote.

Then, she dropped a bomb. "I also told him that I want to be his focus on our big day and feel his son especially will want most of his focus as he always does when he is around," she wrote. "He says he will try and prioritize me but I know how it will go. My soon to be stepson will whine and literally cry until he gets the attention."

Reddit users actually seemed to understand the desire for a childless celebration until she dissed her fiancé's child. That detail sent commenters into a rage in which some wished her fiancé would find the post and call off the wedding.

"If this is real (and that's a really big if) then I hope to high heaven your fiancé finds this post and reads the onslaught on YTAs you are about to receive," the top comment by u/dszquphsbnt read.

"Just in case you happen to be successful in gaslighting him into believing it is in any way, shape, or form appropriate for HIS SON to not be at his wedding, I hope the words of concerned strangers sets him on the straight and narrow. P.s. Did I mention you are the a**hole?"

Others agreed. "You're not talking about nieces or nephews or family friends with kids. You want to exclude your fiancé's own child! Your soon to be step child! Huge huge YTA op and a terrible start to your marriage and relationship with your step child," wrote u/rndmltt.

Another reflected on their own relationship with a wicked stepmother. "As someone who wasn't invited to my dad's wedding as a kid because his wife didn't like me and my sister, I can confirm that this shit hurts. If this is real OP is literally an evil stepmother," said u/ShinyShing.

While a few comments support the woman's behavior, the majority think she deserves to be villainized along side Cinderella's stepmother. Twitter users made the same points. One even remarked on how adorable kids look in formal attire and stated that's even more reason this woman is—undoubtedly—the a**hole.

Children participate in really elegant weddings all the time. They look adorable dressed up. Methinks you just don’t like kids, which is fine, but you shouldn’t be marrying someone with a kid then.

— (@columbiatexan) April 26, 2020

I was with you until I read that your fiancé has a son. Then I read the reason you don't want him there is bc he takes his father's attention from you. You should call off the wedding bc you aren't fit to be a parent.

— Jo est plus fatty-gay que jamais (@TimeIsNotGiven) April 26, 2020

His SON? You won’t let HIS SON! YOUR STEP SON! Come to HIS wedding? Please, god don’t marry him. Please god don’t Lady Tremaine that poor boy!

— Claire (@TreClaire) April 26, 2020

Correction 4/29/20, 5:00 a.m. ET: The headline of this article was corrected to say "stepson."