This Exhausted Parent Snapped at a Barista for Waking Up Her Child and People Are Outraged

When a woman barked at a local barista for waking up her sleeping child, she was surprised by how other people in her life reacted. So, this mom shared her recent coffee shop encounter on Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole page, asking if she was really the one who out of line. The answer from online commenters was a resounding "yes."

It all started when the parent, u/coffeegrinder11, claimed they told a barista to stop using the coffee grinder because their daughter was sleeping. They explained the story in a lengthy post.

"The second I walked in, I was struck by how loud their coffee grinder was," they explained. "It wasn't just shut off in a few seconds though, but kept going and going, since the 3rd barista was grinding a HUGE bag of coffee all at once."

The parent asked that the barista stop grinding coffee beans because it had woken up their sleeping daughter. The barista complied, but another barista soon started using the coffee grinder again.

Coffee cup
A woman pours espresso into a yellow coffee cup in a coffee shop on October 3, 2018, in Cardiff, United Kingdom. Matthew Horwood/Getty

"At this point I snap at the barista for turning it on when I'm still there, as she can clearly see that she has caused my daughter to cry again," the parent wrote. "The barista says she was doing something else with the grinder that was more urgent, but could she have really not waited until I left? Anyways, the other baristas were extremely cold to me and didn't even say anything when they gave me my drink."

The Reddit user's husband thought she overreacted, but when she later emailed the barista's manager to complain about the incident, the manager replied with a gift card. So, who was really in the wrong?

"The manager doesn't agree with you. He just gave you the good service speech and a gift card so that you won't harm his business by b****** about it," wrote u/rusty0123. "If your child is sleeping, it is not the rest of the world's responsibility to keep quiet. It's your responsibility to take your child someplace appropriate for sleeping--which is not the middle of a retail business."

That point was echoed by hundreds of users. "Agree 100%. I have 2 kids, if they fell asleep in public I did not expect anyone to be quiet or stop there job. Having a kid does not give you special treatment," said u/aeven910.

Another was concerned about Covid-19. U/TOGTFO said: "It's extreme entitlement to actually expect them to stop doing their work until she leaves. Also who is taking a nine month old [sic] baby out while there is still a pandemic going on?"

The general consensus is that the parent should not have taken their child to a public location and expected anyone in the service industry to stop their work for the baby's nap time. Instead, commenters suggested the parent not take their child to loud places, or public places at all, while the baby is napping.

Others were stunned that the parent didn't expect something like a coffee grinder to pose a problem in a place that's purpose is to serve coffee. The thread officially declared the parent the "a**hole," and the post gained upvotes from nearly 10,000 people at the time of publication.