These Parents Cut Their Daughter Out of Their Will For Her Beliefs—What Would You Do?

A family had to choose between their son and daughter when the daughter's newfound Catholic beliefs imposed on the family's peace. Reddit user u/Brain_Evans123 explained why he and his wife cut their 37-year-old daughter out of their will, and Reddit has a lot of feelings about it.

Evans began his post in r/AmITheA**hole by explaining that he has an openly gay son, who is 31 years old, and the family is more than accepting of his sexuality. From early in their son's life, the family stood behind him. Things changed, though, when the daughter converted to Catholicism.

The point of the post was for Evans to ask the public if he did the right thing. There's a reason why the family sided with the son, and why the daughter has been officially kicked out of the family.

Though the siblings were once close, the daughter began to preach at the son to change his sexuality so he could be saved and go to heaven.

"According to my son, she literally begged him to repent and give up his 'homosexual lifestyle,' by breaking up with his boyfriend of two years," Evans wrote. "Since then she constantly rings him and texts him begging him to repent his sin, and has even messaged his boyfriend directly to 'try and save him from hell too.' I was livid."

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The daughter's involvement has gone much further, too, according to her father. A family meeting was held to discuss the sibling's differences, and the daughter's apparent overstep. "She literally said in front of us all 'Jake, I want you to go to Heaven, you've got to stop this, it's not natural.' My wife burst into tears and I started to literally shake in rage," wrote Evans.

The family stood by their son's sexuality, and an ultimatum was given. "After a lot of screaming and crying from everyone, my wife and I eventually said something along the lines of: 'you can believe what you want, but if you dare to say anything even remotely related to Jake's life choices ever again, you will not be a part of this family.'" Since then, the daughter has begged to be in the family's life, but still hasn't agreed to support her brother.

Reddit commenters told the man he's doing the right thing by supporting his son over his daughter's homophobic viewpoint. The leading comment, posted by u/NUTmeSHELL explained this thought process: "How ironic that she is angry you aren't respecting her beliefs and yet she feels no responsibility for respecting the beliefs of the rest of you..." the comment said.

Others even gave harsh advice on how to make sure the woman receives nothing when her parents pass.

"If you leave her out the will leave her $100 so she can't contest it and say she was left out," wrote u/Which-Decision. "Some states the minimum for a will not to be contested is $1 some it's higher. I would advise finding out whatever that minimum is and putting her in the will so there's no legal trouble for your son."

Comments on the thread differ: some are incredibly harsh about the daughter's beliefs, while others take a softer tone.

"You respect her beliefs and she should respect yours as well. It's one thing to believe and practice something like religion for yourself, it's another thing to push it on someone else and use it to make them feel wrong or badly about themselves," explained u/ToxicFlutter. "She needs a wake up call. Stay firm."