'This Is How I Support My Family': Delivery Driver's Touching Note Goes Viral

A delivery driver is getting high praise on social media for leaving a note with customers. The touching letter asked that no one rates less than than four stars, as it hurts their income significantly.

Uploaded to Reddit's "Antiwork" forum, u/cyberghostss, posted a photo of the note left by their Instacart delivery driver.

In 2020, there were over 500,000 delivery drivers for Instacart. The service provides shoppers that gather and deliver groceries to over 9 million users.

The note reads: "Thank you you for business today! I really appreciate it! If for some reason I made an error in your order, I promise you it was NOT intentional! PLEASE do not retaliate by giving me less than 5 stars. Instacart's rating system is SO unfair that just ONE 4 star rating will cause me to lose up to 40% of my income for almost 3 WEEKS!! Anything less than 5 stars REALLY HURTS us!"

The driver added their email address in case anyone wanted had questions about an order — or if they need to vent. The viral poster also said if something in the order is wrong, they would do their best to make it right. If a customer couldn't give them a 5-star rating, they would politely ask them to not leave a rating at all.

In a 2021 article by ABC News, Instacart shoppers that have higher ratings get to pick orders first. Everyone with lower scores get what's left. Many people called it a "ratings prison." Many shoppers voiced their opinions, deeming the system unfair by signing petitions for change.

"We've heard from shoppers time and again that they value providing a great experience for customers, and they want to be recognized for their efforts," the spokesperson for Instacart said last summer. "We're always working to provide a consistently fair and reliable experience for shoppers, and we look forward to continuing to evolve our systems and processes to deliver the best offering for shoppers."

Members of the r/antiwork community were quick to offer support while commiserating with the driver.

"4 stars is still a pretty good rating, and they lose 40% of their income for it?! What a f***ing awful system," u/abook-aday131 said.

U/Th3Pr0_88 weighed in saying, "I don't get it why tip, these f***ing corporations should make sure their employee earns a livable wage. If they cant pay livable wage then thats their problem. In other parts of the world it is completely unnecessary sometimes its an insult to tip."

"40% for 3 weeks. Think on how many deliveries they do every day, and just 1 less than perfect rating massively hits their income for 3 weeks. Not just awful, it is in my mind criminal," u/ChildOf1970 wrote.

"As a person who basically works customer service I feel this kind of note immensely as I've been avoiding telling people my name whenever the subject matter of surveys go because I'm scarred after being surveyed by so many people especially the vindictive ones that want to sound like they're being nice but they're going to trash you on the survey I feel this heavily," u/silverink182 wrote.

Newsweek has reached out to Instacart via email for comment.

Man delivering groceries
A Redditor posted a touching note from their Instacart delivery driver in a popular Reddit forum. Kiwis/iStock / Getty Images Plus