This Human Mouth-Shaped Coin Purse Is Uncomfortably Realistic

human mouth coin purse flesh face realistic
DJ Doooo's human mouth shaped coin purse is a little too realistic for comfort. Twitter/@44doooo

A Japanese DJ has created a coin purse that looks just like a human mouth and it's disturbing.

The internet is a wild and wonderful place. With just the click of a mouse, knowledge and information is at our beck and call. And yet, sometimes the internet is just too much. Indeed sometimes it shows us things we aren't prepared for. Things we couldn't imagine. Things we can't unsee.

This is exactly the state I found myself in as I stumbled across Japanese DJ Doooo's latest and greatest creation: a coin purse in the shape of a human mouth. Now, this may not sound so crazy at first. I mean, after all, you can get coin purses with everything from animals to emoji to special customized messages printed on them. But DJ Dooo's coin purse has something special about. IT'S TERRIFYING.

Made of silicon rubber, the purse has been shaped to resemble the lower half of a man's face — complete with a five-o-clock shadow. The skin-like quality of the silicone makes the movement as you open and close the mouth seem all too realistic. But the realistic features aren't only on the outside. The inside of the mouth has some disturbingly detailed features as well — right down to the off-white and slightly crooked appearance of the teeth and pinkish and wet coloring of the gums. The offering will truly mess with your mind — we don't even want to imagine the nightmares it might evoke in young children.

human mouth coin purse flesh skin realistic
Are you scared yet? Twitter/ @44doooo

But DJ Doooo's obsession with human flesh-like accessories doesn't seem to stop at mouth shaped coin purses. The artist has been seen flaunting other self-made products like a realistic-looking human finger that doubles as a rubber stamp. He also previously coated a MPC2000XL music production tool in a flesh-like skin for the cover of his first album, 'Panic'.

Despite the creepy nature of the mouth shaped coin purse (or perhaps because of it) DJ Doooo's strange creation is getting plenty of attention. The artists tweeted his creation three days ago and it has since been retweeted over 100,000 times.


— doooo (@44doooo) June 1, 2019
Twitter/ @44doooo

At this point DJ Doooo doesn't have any plans to mass produce and sell the human mouth-shaped coin purse, but we wouldn't be surprised if someone finds the bizarre novelty compelling enough to create a version of their own.

What do you think of DJ Doooo's realistic mouth-shaped coin purse? Would you buy one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.