This Siri Remote Leather Cover With AirTag Slot Is Kind of Cool

Nomad Leather Cover
The Leather Cover gives the metal Siri Remote softer edges. TYLER HAYES

I finally stopped using a case on my iPhone 13 Pro, but now I have one on my Apple TV Siri Remote. It's an unfortunate series of events, really. But, it actually isn't a case: Nomad's Leather Cover for Siri Remote and AirTag goes beyond protection and includes an internal slot for Apple's AirTag, which can be used to locate items that it can pinpoint to very specific locations.

That hidden AirTag slot helps Leather Cover for Siri Remote make more sense than other products in Nomad's lineup, like its Leather Cover for MagSafe Charger. This isn't a knock against the accessory maker, but it has gotten to the point that if something can be wrapped in Horween leather, the company will do it.

Even if what looks like a case for a remote seems funny, it's still an intriguing product. The Siri Remote Leather Cover passes the sniff test and it has a reasonable purpose, but is it worth spending money on?



  • A sleek way to attach an AirTag to a Siri Remote
  • Leather Cover gives the remote softer edges


  • Price

Buy at Nomad.

How Do You Find Your Siri Remote?

Nomad Leather Cover
Nomad's Leather Cover does not come with an AirTag. You will need to buy or own one already. TYLER HAYES

The story of this Leather Cover is actually a story about AirTag—Apple's small, circular disc that's meant to help people locate lost items. What's something people often lose? Their TV remotes. So think of this less as a remote case and more as an AirTag case that fits a remote.

Finding a Siri Remote is harder than finding a big black controller from the cable company. Apple's remote is small and sleek. It's made to burrow in between couch cushions. There are plenty of no-name accessories that you can use to attach an AirTag to a remote, but this Leather Cover is the nicest (and most luxurious) one I've seen.

As long as you have an iPhone 11 or more recent version, your phone has Ultra Wideband hardware capable of locating AirTags within inches. It won't just tell you the device is in the house or in the living room, it will point you in the direction so you can find it under a pillow or inside a shoe—if it fell in. That's the main benefit of this product, and it works exactly as intended. (Although, in a bit of irony, adding this thicker cover to the remote actually makes it a little harder to lose.)

Fit and Feel of the Leather Cover

Nomad Leather Cover
Despite added thickness from the cover, the Siri Remote is still easy to hold in any size hand. TYLER HAYES

The ancillary benefit of this cover is that it gives the remote nice curves and soft edges. As good as the Siri Remote is, its metal edges can be a little sharp in the hand. I've never thought about buying anything to cover its sides, but now that I have Nomad's Leather Cover, I can say I like the feel of the Horween against an Apple TV remote.

Without prompting, my daughter and wife both commented that the remote felt better to hold than usual. To accommodate the AirTag, the cover is nearly double the thickness of the remote, but this works in its favor because it still retains a friendly size for a hand of any age.

Should You Buy the Nomad Leather Cover?

All sarcasm aside, Nomad's Leather Cover for Siri Remote and AirTag is a great product. It's easy to mock, but if you've ever lost your remote for more than a day you know the frustration that comes with it. Is that frustration worth around $40? The value is what seems hard to swallow to me.

If you do need an excuse to click Buy, it is nice having Leather Cover for Siri Remote for its feel in the hand. Even better is the ability to find the remote in the event that it accidentally walks out of the room.

Buy at Nomad for $39.95.

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