This Super Easy Salmon and Rice Leftovers Recipe Has Internet Obsessed

This salmon and rice bowl recipe is taking over TikTok, with users jokingly claiming it has them in a "chokehold."

Food and lifestyle influencer Emily Mariko, 29, sparked the online obsession after showing her TikTok viewers what she does with her leftover salmon on August 25.

Just over a month later, and the dish has become the new feta cheese pasta, with copycat videos spiraling from the app, making it all TikTok can talk about.

The recipe is relatively simple—white rice, salmon, Kewpie mayo, soy sauce, sriracha and seaweed. For the authentic Mariko-style, use leftover, mashed salmon and white rice, reheated in a microwave with an ice cube added and covered in parchment paper.

Much to the surprise of TikTok, the ice cube will not melt in the microwave but steam the rice perfectly. After, Mariko mixes it with a fork, before adding soy sauce, Kewpie mayo and sriracha to the top and mixing again.

To eat, she takes a sheet of dried seaweed and scoops the food inside using chopsticks. Mariko often serves the meal with a side of kimchi— a Korean side dish of fermented vegetables.

The recipe may not seem revolutionary, but it's got TikTok right in the palm of its hand, and users have explained the intense power it's had over them.

"Despite the fact that I am vegan, have never had salmon in my life, and generally despise mayonnaise, this is the only meal that I am craving right now," said @stephenadrien.

According to TikToker @healthygirlkitchen, you can veganize the recipe by using sauteed tofu with teriyaki sauce instead of salmon.

Mariko has uploaded four different videos of herself making the recipe, and managed to amass over 62 million views in total.

"I can tell you this entire process with my eyes closed," said TikTok user @theotherari in a video, before reciting Mariko's video step-by-step with complete accuracy.

"The chokehold this girl has on us is ridiculous," she captioned the video.

Feeling like Mariko has you in a tight grip, is far from a rarity either, with the video filling up For You pages across the world.

"The chokehold that Emily has on me. I would do anything for that woman. I wanna watch her make salmon for the rest of my life," said @tinx, before trying the recipe herself. "One of the best tasting things I've ever had," she said.

"This is the fifth video I've seen of this dish in the past 30 minutes," wrote one TikTok user.


#duet with @emilymariko THE CHOKEHOLD THIS GIRL HAS ON US IS RICIDULOUS, emily I love you sm please never stop making this #emilymariko #salmon

♬ original sound - Emily Mariko

Mariko's videos have set high expectations for the recipe, but ones it's seemingly living up to, as users film their reactions to trying it the first time—eyes widen as thumbs go up.

"Oh yeah, this is everything I hoped it would be," said @jessiemaglio after trying it in a video.

"I could eat this every day. I'm in love with this. This is fire," said @beautyofthefoodie between bites.

Mariko is also being applauded for normalizing the consumption of white rice, especially among young women, with the food often being vilified in diet culture for years.

Newsweek has contacted Emily Mariko for comment.


It’s 1:50AM and this is the juiciest salmon I ever made. I slept all day long. This Miami rain is not good for my productivity 🤕 #ChimeHasYourBack #HowIBathAndBodyWorks #salmonrice #salmon #fyp #foodtok #food #kewpiemayo

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Woman cooking salmon in the oven
Stock image of a woman cooking salmon in the oven. Getty Images

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