This Super Sleepy Feline Best Friend Just Won National Cat Day

The beautiful thing about having a pet is you're never alone, even when you get home from work at two a.m. This Reddit user shared the sweetest video of her cat trying its very best to stay awake to keep them company just in time for National Cat Day.

U/SaveTheLadyBugs posted a video of a very sleepy cat on Reddit's r/aww Thursday, and it's already been upvoted nearly 75,000 times. A series of awards have also been given for the ultra-wholesome content, which truly shows how comforting a cat can be.

In the video, the orange cat is sitting upright on what appears to be a stool or side table. "I get home from work around 2 am," the poster explained. "Tonight he tried really hard to stay awake and keep me company while I got ready for bed."

This much is obvious, from the way the cat's eyes keep closing. He continues to sit up straight as short moments of sleep drift in an out of his face. What seems most important about the moment is the cat's dedication to seeing out its owner's bedtime routine. While the animal is clearly exhausted, and ready to snuggle up in bed, he keeps guard over his friend to make sure they aren't alone...even in the middle of the night.

Commenters found the captured moment special, and somewhat relatable. The favorite comment, which had 4,300 upvotes at the time of publication, described a similar cat who really loved sleep. "I had a sweet cat like this, she expected US to go to bed by 10:30," wrote u/stefaniey. "If I dared not be ready to escort her to our bed chamber by then, she would give everyone else in the room her signature snuggle (loaf on your chest, head butting your chin, purring and drooling) and then sit next to me, glaring. Then my family would get so uncomfortable they'd ask me to take her to bed as she wished."

Ginger cat resting on hot tin roof at St Martin de Re, Ile de Re, France. Tim Graham/Getty Images/Getty

Another popular point, though, focused on the cat's manners. Many cats are considered nocturnal, so this pet's commitment to sleep sounded unusual to some Reddit users with much noisier felines. "My cat would take me doing anything at 2am as a sign to run around noisily for the next 2 hours. Your cat is clearly an ideal housemate," said u/DrunkenTypist.

The main conversations celebrated how loyal and loving the cat seemed to be, though. No one appeared to argue other reasons for the animal's sleepy companionship. All agreed the pet truly loved and appreciated their owner, and wanted to spend time with them. And sometimes, it seems fitting to interrupt your sleep schedule to support your loved ones.