This Teen Told Her Mom Not To Have Any More Kids and Reddit Loves Her

Reddit has decided this 16-year-old girl is not the a**hole after she told her mom to stop having children. The girl posted in Reddit thread r/AmITheA**hole [AITA] to question if she overstepped when she shot back at her mother, whose dream is to have 15 children. For some, it's shoes. For others, human lives.

The girl is the fourth oldest and already one of 12, she explained. Because of the huge amount of kids she has to watch (who range from one to 20 in age) the teen is expected to help with the younger children.

She walked through the dynamics. "We live in a 4 bedroom house, but it is so cramped with everyone in bunks and no privacy," she wrote. "My parents also put most of the responsibility of the younger kids on us while they lay down and watch TV. True, they can have their breaks but they take them so often that I don't really get to be a teenager."

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"Last night, after my mom told me to but [sic] J+A(3) to bed, I told her to do it herself as I need to study," she explained. "She said that it is my responsibility as an older child. I lost my temper and told her that she can't take care of her 12 kids as it is, and that she should give up her dream of 15 children because she's depriving the younger ones of a better life."

Reddit applauded the teen for standing up for her right to her education, her privacy and her life. "[Not the a**hole]. Her 'dream' is only doable with you and the other older kids acting as secondary parents," the top comment by @jeeperscreepers74 wrote. "You need to put your foot down and refuse to take on that role; maybe then, she will realize her dream is not only not doable [sic] but is affecting the quality of life of the kids she already has."

The girl responded to a few comments and explained she's not allowed to join a sport, and her family never gets to travel. When asked if she's able to save her own money, she claimed she has a job at McDonald's and is saving money for college. Reddit users applauded her self-sufficiency and encouraged her to use some of that funding, someday, to join a sport or travel as a young adult.

Suggestions also told the girl to choose an out-of-state college so her parents stop trying to make her a co-parent.

A parent of six kids responded in support of the girl, too. "Um no. I have 6 and I would never dream of doing this to my kids," said u/perelandraNative. "It's not your responsibility. It is literally her responsibility which is why we use the word 'her' because it's a possessive pronoun giving possession to her. Not you. You didn't have sex, you didn't give birth, you don't have that responsibility. This sounds like a CPS nightmare."

While many posts on the AITA thread end with conversations calling out the writer for unacceptable behavior, this teen's story brought the community together with words of hope and encouragement. The community quickly declared the girl is not the a**hole in the situation and rallied together to help her plan a more comfortable future.