'This Is Us' Season 4, Episode 10 Release Date: When Will the NBC Show Return and What Can Fans Expect?

"The fans are gonna be upset," This Is Us actor Sterling K. Brown told 5 On the Side, "because we're gonna leave them like six or seven weeks before we [give them] a chance to see what happens next." This is the position that many fans are in now that the NBC show is on hiatus after its midseason finale, which aired on Tuesday on NBC.

In fact, the This Is Us Season 4, Episode 10 release date is even further away than Brown suggested, with the next episode of the show coming to NBC eight weeks after Episode 9. The midseason finale teased that Rebecca (played by Mandy Moore) may be suffering from dementia and a feud between Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley).

The show will be back on NBC on Tuesday, January 14, in its usual time of 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT, in an episode that will answer some of the questions asked in the midseason finale.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, This Is Us co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker teased what fans can expect when the show returns. For one, they will learn what started the feud between Kevin and Randall.

Aptaker said: "That is something that you are going to have to wait and see when we get back to that time. But because we know it is our fifth season premiere [as each season begins on a Big Three birthday]. We'll see the rift, see the falling-out, see how it all happens over the back half of the season and into the beginning of next. It's all coming up in the very immediate future for the show; this isn't something that's going to be a long wait."

this is us season 4 episode 10
"This Is Us" Season 4, Episode 10 will explore the feud between Randall and Kevin. NBC

The second half of Season 4 will also see Rebecca get a diagnosis after nine episodes of "senior moments," which ended with her deciding she needed to see a doctor in Episode 9.

However, fans are unlikely to know exactly what's wrong until the end of the season. As Aptaker revealed: "It's definitely coming down the path for us. The reality is, it actually takes a bit of time and testing to come to a diagnosis. There's not an instant blood test where they can tell you what's wrong, but it's something that we're going to be exploring in the back half of the season with as much medical accuracy as possible."

Co-showrunner Dan Fogelman highlighted a number of questions fans will have coming into Season 4, Episode 10, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter: "Who is the fiancee that's sitting in the back of that room? What is going on with Kevin and Randall? Is this an incident with Rebecca or is this something that is manifesting in a more real way with whatever's going on with her medically?" Fogelman added: "Those answers all get provided in the back half of the season."

This Is Us Season 4 returns on January 14, 2020, on NBC.