This Is What It Looked Like Inside of the Derecho Storm That Hit Iowa

A week after a destructive derecho hit the midwest, a Reddit user shared a GIF of what it looked like to actually be in the thick of the storm in Iowa.

The GIF shows the storm whipping winds with mist and sheets of rain soaring past a house. The user who posted it said that the winds were over 100 miles per hour.

Other Redditors commented on the post, sharing their own experiences with the derecho that devastated Iowa last week. "Normally in Iowa these kind of high straightline winds last maybe 5 min. What you see in this video went on for more than an hour where my parents live. Absolutely unreal," one person wrote.

"It's been about a week since this storm and there are still towns in Iowa without power. It was intense, it was so dark that it almost looked like it was night out at 10:30 in the morning," another person commented, sharing a photo of a broken branch. "We were lucky and only made out with this damage (for reference this tree is about 100ft tall). But one of my neighbors trees split in half and some people down the street from me had a huge branch fall into the street on their car."

Other people couldn't help but notice that the ominous house featured in the GIF, with the wind and rain blowing in front of it, looked like it was plucked right out of a horror movie. One person in particular remarked that, given how intense the scene looked, it may as well have been something out of the climax of a thriller.

In the days since the storm hit Iowa and several other midwestern states on August 10, many people have shared photos and videos of the damage that was caused. Many residents faced property damages and power outages, which the state is still recovering from. According to PowerOutage.Us, there are still over 49,000 outages in Iowa statewide as of Tuesday.

In case you hadn't heard (no national news coverage, no FEMA?), there was a Hurricane in Iowa on Monday (called a Derecho) it's devastating to see our friends and family deal with the destruction (homes, businesses & crops) #sendprayers #fu2020

— jschnip (@jschnip) August 13, 2020

This the Cedar Terrace apartments in Cedar Rapids.

Home to people from Congo, Togo, Liberia, Micronesia. For many, English is a 2nd or 3rd language. It has been absolutely devastated by the #derecho.

It’s difficult for me to describe the scale of the damage here #IowaStorms

— Kate Payne (@hellokatepayne) August 16, 2020

According to the Des Moines Register, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds requested $3.9 billion in federal aid following the storm. President Donald Trump approved some of the aid on Monday. A request for $82.7 million to cover more than 8,000 homes that were damaged and destroyed has yet to be approved, but the governor's office told local news outlet KCCI that it would be given the green light soon. As of August 14, three deaths were confirmed in Iowa and one was confirmed in Indiana, per USA Today.

Just approved (and fast) the FULL Emergency Declaration for the Great State of Iowa. They got hit hard by record setting winds. Thank you to @SenJoniErnst, @ChuckGrassley, and Governor Kim Reynolds.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 17, 2020

Newsweek reached out to the user who posted the GIF on Reddit for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

A John Deere agricultural tractor sits under a collapsed building following a derecho storm, a widespread wind storm associated with a band of rapidly moving showers or thunderstorms, on August 10, 2020 near Franklin Grove, Illinois. A Reddit user shared a GIF showing what it looked like in the derecho. Daniel Acker/Getty