For Those Who Win Big, the Perfect Set of Wheels

They don't build those bacchanalian palaces out of thin air, of course. They're assembled with the billions of dollars gamblers let slip from their clutches. But the fortunate few who walk away from the baccarat table with a big stack of chips will need some wheels for a quick getaway. Luckily, the Penske-Wynn Maserati and Ferrari dealership ( has just the thing: the next-generation 2009 Quattroporte S.

Naturally, it's gorgeous. Like other Maseratis, this sedan is designed by Italy's premier coach builder Pininfarina, with richer, more saturated interior colors and suedelike Alcantara on the roof liner. It feels substantial when you step on the gas, hunkering down for excellent traction and surprisingly sure-footed handling for its size. It's roomy enough to hold you and three co-conspirators, er, friends. And it's quicker than the standard Quattroporte, now with a 425hp, 4.7-liter, V-8 engine.

Also new this year is a sophisticated Bose audio and navigation system that offers direction to handy things like nearby ATMs, where you might want to stash your remaining cash, as well as to restaurants, gas stations, hotels, even hospitals, God forbid. The audio system can store up to 6,000 songs on its hard drive from either CDs or an MP3 player. Other groovy updates include flashy LED tail lights and turn signals, a new horizontal chrome grille and backseat worktables so you can get down to business. And the Quattroporte S maneuvers well on beefy 19-inch wheels, or optional 20 inchers. If you can touch the Quattroporte S's $130,150 price tag, then you must be singing "Luck Be a Lady" tonight.

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For Those Who Win Big, the Perfect Set of Wheels | World