Thousands of Images From NASA's Apollo Mission Uploaded Online

Thousands of high-res photographs documenting NASA's lunar missions between 1961 and 1972 have been released on the photo-sharing website, Flickr.

The Project Apollo archive, an independent project undertaken by Kipp Teague, an IT director from Virginia, has published the photographs, according to The Guardian. Teague first began creating the archive in 1999.

In a statement posted alongside the images, Teague called the new collection a "re-presentation of the public domain NASA-provided Apollo mission imagery as it was originally provided in its raw, high-resolution and unprocessed form by the Johnson Space Center."

According to Wired, the images were originally taken using modified Hasselblad cameras and have now been uploaded at a resolution of 1,800dpi. The images include photographs of the moon and Earth, as well as multiple 'selfies' of astronauts.

Teague has uploaded around 8,500 images to the gallery and a further 4,500 are due to be added by the end of this week. Once completed the collection will include every photograph taken by astronauts during Apollo missions seven to 17, according to The Guardian.