'Next-Level Trolling': 3-Year-Old Mimics Dad's Injuries in Hilarious Video

A young girl's reaction to her dad being stuck in bed after surgery has delighted the internet this week after gaining viral attention.

A picture of three-year-old Lydia was shared on Reddit on Tuesday, where it received thousands of reactions from amused commenters. In the caption, her dad, Peter Nemr, wrote: "My daughter tripped and fell two days ago at the library. I had knee surgery and now she is vicariously experiencing her pain through me."

Lydia is seen in the picture leaning over a makeshift cane, holding her back and walking by the room where her father is busy recovering from knee surgery.

Nemr told Newsweek: "She was concerned with my leg after my surgery. She fell after a trip to the library with her mother and she has started limping since. She is slowly getting better.

"I couldn't stop laughing. She was asking her mother to walk her around the house by holding her hand. She would pass my room where I am sedentary in my bed and look in grinning."

Later sharing a video of his daughter's sympathetic actions, the internet was left in stitches at the toddler.

"This is amazingly cute! Thanks for sharing," said one viewer, while another Redditor wrote: "You feel old? She's roasting you."

"Talk about some next-level trolling right there," joked another commenter.

Another Redditor said: "Your kid is hilarious and will probably grow up to be a famous comedian."

When her mother wasn't available to help her, Nemr says Lydia took to butt-scooting across the floor. He then asked his wife to create a makeshift cane for their daughter: "That was the evolution of the photo and video," he explained: "She really cares, but may be subconsciously trolling me."

When it comes to children's reactions to pain and misfortune, there is evidence that babies show empathy from as little as six months of age.

In a paper published in the British Journal of Psychology, researchers conducted two experiments with the aim of debunking the theory that babies only develop empathy after one year.

In one experiment, researchers showed 27 infants video clips of a square figure with eyes trying to climb a hill, meeting a friendly circular figure, and happily climbing down the hill together. In a second video, the same figure hits and bullies the square figure until it goes back down the hill in distress and crying.

Babies were then allowed to show their preference by choosing one of the square figures. More than 80 percent chose the figure that had shown distress, showing an empathetic preference toward the bullied figure.

Entertaining Personality

Nemr says he has been grateful for his daughter's entertaining and empathetic personality at a time when he is stuck recovering: "We planned trips to D.C., Aquarium, kid's museums, parks, and the such. We made it to one event, a dinosaur exhibit, but after the surgery, I really need to rest," he explained, expressing his guilt at the impact of his surgery on his kids' summer.

"Kids, in general, are very empathetic," he said: "They learn through mimicking and role-playing situations and scenarios. It was great to see people highlight this stage of her development online."

3-year-old mimics dads injuries
Three-year-old Lydia has left the internet in stitches. Her empathetic actions following her dad's knee surgery were captured on camera. peternemr/Reddit