T.I.'s Son Domani Harris Talks About His Father's Influence and More

Some might already be familiar with Domani Harris. His father is famed rapper T.I.

Harris, a flourishing rapper himself, practically grew up in front of viewers during the six seasons of VH1 reality show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. Though he owes a lot of his success to his father, Harris is now growing up into his own person with his own way of doing things.

Harris, 18, dropped his project titled Amygdala on his 18th birthday on March 16. The title references the amygdala, a roughly almond-shaped vital part of the brain associated with experiencing emotions. The eight tracks on the project showcase human emotions and feelings. To some listeners, it's evident that the young rapper is certainly maturing. The release came after Harris' debut EP, The Constellation, which was released in 2017. Harris is also glowing from his recent 2018 Tonys nomination for SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical.

Newsweek spoke to Harris about his personality, his father's huge influence on him and his music as well as what up-and-coming young stars should do to be successful in the industry.

What He Wants Fans To Know

I'm just a real chill person. I eat well, very sensitive, mentally. I care about a lot of people. I'm human so I might meet people, might not be feeling good at the moment and shake somebody's hand or accidentally say something, accidentally look this way, you know. Then when I walk away I be like 'dang why did I do that?' You know, that's just little stuff. I overthink things.

On Father's Influence

On TV or on stage, that's T.I. but really that's Pops, you know. He's just like any father, but what makes him different is that with all the stuff that he has going on, he still exceeds expectations with his work ethic, how many people he takes care of. He takes care of so many people. It's just how he handles himself, how he carries himself. I've been watching that my whole life. I got a good teacher.

Advice To Newcomers

My advice will be to stop making excuses, stop thinking that you have to have the same tools someone else was given, or the same shoes somebody walked in because y'all on a different path. And just be yourself, like really you've been told all this stuff before. People think that it just sounds so easy, so they think it got to be more to it. It's really not. Be yourself, and whatever you do make sure you love doing it because if you don't even if you do blow up, it's not going to last because you don't really love doing it. So be yourself, make sure you love what you're doing and all the rest will come.