Mom Shares Clever Hack for Organizing a Kitchen Using a Baking Sheet

Tidying the kitchen is the job that's never done. We seem to be forever putting away pots and scrubbing surfaces, only to make a mess again a few hours later.

So, any tip or trick to help make it easier to organize the heart of the home is worth a look. A woman on TikTok recently shared an ingenious hack for making the most out of cupboard space.

The video was posted on May 2 by Shannon Doherty, known online as @athomewithshannon.

She captioned the clip: "*BEST HACK* for an Organized Kitchen Tips & Hacks from Mom of 4!!"

Doherty added: "This is such an easy great little hack to organize your kitchen!!!"

So, what does it entail?

In the video Doherty, who is in her kitchen wearing pink leggings and a blue floral smock, asks: "Always looking for easy ways to organize your kitchen?"

She holds up a metal baking sheet and some tape, before pointing to her white cupboard door.

Doherty instructs viewers to: "Grab some mounting tape and a baking sheet…"

She uses the tape to attach the baking sheet to the inside of the cupboard door, then adds some colored magnets to it, turning it into a makeshift noticeboard.

Doherty explains that this is "perfect for to-do lists."

She then attaches more mounting tape, in strips beneath the baking sheet, and sticks spoons to it—a nifty storage trick.

Although this video has been watched more than 77,000 times and attracted over 8,000 likes, it isn't even one of her most popular clips. Some of her household hacks have had more than 1 million views on TikTok.

Many social media users shared their appreciation of the storage solution in the comments.

One TikTok user, Patti Gonzales, wrote: "going to do this."

Another person, Chrissy Horton, added: "So clever!"

A third, ypfallon, posted that it was a "great idea."

A fourth user, Hi welcome to random, joked: "Are you saying that we have a messy kitchen?"

There are plenty more TikTok videos offering tips and tricks for cleaning.

One recent video demonstrated a method for reviving white clothing and removing unsightly sweat stains.

An Australian mother of two, Chantel Mila, revealed that she soaks white clothes in denture tablets for half an hour, before washing them in the machine as normal.

The footage has been viewed over 111,000 times and received over 5,500 likes.

One TikTok user, Fun-keymonk, wrote: "this is soo good!!! I need to buy denture tablets haha."

Another commenter, Heather, posted a laughing face emoji, adding: "I feel bad for those who use dentures, because of us, there will be none left in stores lol."

woman in kitchen
Stock image of a woman in a tidy kitchen. In a viral TikTok video, a mother has shared her trick for freeing up cupboard space. Getty Images

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