Tiger's Walk Across Frozen Pond Goes Hilariously Wrong in Viral Video

Tigers are one of the most fearsome and majestic creatures in the animal kingdom. However, even they can slip up now and again, as one found out when it tried to cross a frozen pond.

In footage posted to Twitter the large cat can be seen slowly prowling across the thin ice, until the inevitable happens and the surface gives way beneath them.

As the tiger struggles to find their footing, they lose balance and partially fall into the newly-made hole. A split second later they pop up, surprised, before scurrying to dry land.

The comical video was posted by Twitter page @AnimalsWorld alongside the caption: "Tiger walking on thin ice, what could go wrong?"

The 57-second-long clip has since gone viral, having been viewed over 201,600 times, and garnering more than 3,100 likes.

Tiger walking on thin ice, what could go wrong? pic.twitter.com/wP3FRzbESL

— Nature & Animals🌴 (@AnimalsWorId) April 13, 2021

Many took to their social media accounts to share their humorous reactions to the scene.

One person, @GodvikRoman, decided to put words in the animals mouth, while also drawing comparisons to famed cartoon dog-detective, Scooby-Doo.

They wrote: "TIGER: yo! whoa! hey! what the hell man! damn! almost got me!...but not today water....not today!

"This thin ice be playing...had me scared for a couple of secs there...but my Scooby-Doo run last minute saved me...OH YEAH ! " They also added a laughing-face emoji.

A second Twitter user, @svrao52, explained that it could have been a lot worse.

They wrote: "It is four legged animal, so it has four wheel drive.

"If it were a two legged animal, like man, it would have fallen thru the ice hole, dangerous!"

A third person, @Hirschilein, commented on how, after nearly falling victim to the ice, the tiger looks back seemingly annoyed: "The way he looks back to the ice, like saying 'how dare you'," alongside a string of emojis that represent laughter.

A fourth account, @Mbpb18, simply added: "Me on a bad day".

Despite the fact the tiger narrowly missed being submerged in the water, what would have happened if they had? Are tigers competent swimmers?

According to the World Wildlife Fund's official website, the stripy predators are still a threat when wet.

They write: "Tigers are excellent swimmers and don't avoid water. The large, striped cats have adapted to many different habitats, from the snows of Russia to the tropical forests of Indonesia.

"Tigers are also found in the Sunderbans, the world's largest single block of mangrove forest, where they are regularly seen swimming to get from island to island."

So, there we have it, the tiger could definitely have managed a pond!

tiger walking pond water
A stock image of a tiger walking towards a body of water. In the viral video a similar-looking tiger learns the hard way that walking on thin ice is risky business. Ondrej Prosicky/iStock