Adorable Moment Puppy Falls Straight Back To Sleep: 'Hit the Snooze Button'

An adorable clip of a sleepy pup refusing to wake up has racked up over 20 million views.

The popular TikTok video, posted by @dorypopescu, shows a white puppy being woken up by his owner but within seconds, the pup lies back down.

The cute clip has received more than 2.9 million likes and over 9,200 comments since it was shared on January 21.

Dog sleeping
A stock image of a Golden Retriever sleeping. Millions have watched the moment a puppy refuses to wake up. Sena Yiğiter/iStock/Getty Images Plus

How Much Sleep Do Puppies Need?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) states puppies should have 18 to 20 hours of sleep.

Newsweek spoke to Nell Ostermeier, an integrative veterinarian, who explained why pups require so much sleep.

The AKC Pet Insurance spokesperson said: "Puppies need sleep because they are growing, and this requires an immense amount of energy. Because they undergo growth spurts, the amount they sleep may fluctuate as they continue to grow into adults. Also, they tend to play hard and sleeping is the way that they recover.

"Owners do not need to wake puppies up. However, if the puppy is having difficulty sleeping through the night it may be best to keep them up close to bedtime.

"But if the owner is potty training the puppy, it is a good idea to wake them up to go out on a regular schedule.

"An important note is that if a puppy is suddenly sleeping a lot more than usual, this may indicate a sickness or problem. In this case, the owners should seek a veterinarian.

"And, if the puppy seems lethargic or sleepy during his or her awake hours, it is best to consult your veterinarian."

While sleeping whenever and wherever is quite common for dogs, it is important for their owners to be aware of any changes. The AKC has pointed out that excessive sleep might "signal conditions such as canine depression, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and possible loss of hearing."

What Do the Comments Say?

The popular clip has over 9,500 comments and the top one alone has 58,000 likes, it said: "Apparently he wasn't done sleeping."

Another comment with 38,900 likes said: "Buddy woke up and went, 'Oh no thank you.'"

"Good morning... good night," said another user.

It seems people can't get enough of this sleepy pup, and some TikTok users have compared him to a human.

One user joked: "Bro acting like he done worked a 24hr shift at the fire station then sat in traffic for two hours."

Another said: "He hit the snooze button."

It seems not all canines are lucky enough to close their eyes again after a nap. Newsweek recently shared the moment a sleepy pit bull mix was unable to snooze due to her owner's baby crying.

Newsweek reached out to @dorypopescu for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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