Ex-Apple Genius Bar Worker Shares Little-Known iPhone Tricks: 'The Best Hack'

A former Apple Genius Bar worker has taken to TikTok to share various little-known tips and tricks you can use on your Apple products.

Sabrina Badin, known online as @thegeniussabb, has over 41,000 followers on her platform where she regularly shares the knowledge she learnt from inside the store.

Despite not technically being hacks, the tricks provided by Badin aren't well established with tech users, who regularly thank her in the comments and dub them "the best hacks." Tips range from Apple Watches to MacBooks and iPhones, all cutting time and making tech easier for Apple users.

You Can Record Videos With Music Playing in the Background

The bane of many tech lives is the apparent inability for iPhones to play music while recording at the same time. iPhone users will recognize the moment the music instantly cuts off when you click to record.

Instead, Badin recommends recording a video by holding down the white shutter button on the regular camera setting, and dragging the finger to the right.

The button should become a recording button, which when released begins to record with the music still in the background.


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Shazam a Song Without Going on the App

For most music lovers, Shazam is a necessity but going onto the app before the song ends while you're in public can be a tricky process. Instead, as per Badin's videos, you can add a Music Recognition option to the Control Center of your device, meaning all you need to do is select the feature in the Control Center as soon as you want to Shazam a song.

To add the feature, Badin said to simply select it in the "Control Center" settings.

Adding Signatures to Your Documents on the iPhone

With the world switching to a digital-forward approach in the past year, signing documents electronically often calls for downloading extra apps and using websites. Instead, the TikToker showed a feature already available on iPhones that add signatures easily.

When you're on the document, press "edit," then the plus sign and "add signature." The feature allows you to draw your own signature and save it for future use easily.

Apple Watch Makes It Easier to Type

Users of Apple Watches will be familiar with how difficult it can be to type on the tiny screen, but Badin suggested using your "crown" to text. "All you gotta do is draw the first two letters of any word and then scroll through the options that Apple suggests," she said.

A screen pops up with popular words to select from after you simply draw the beginning letters.


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Scanning Polaroids Into Your iPhone

With the rise in the use of old-school cameras, most still want to keep them digitally safe today, just in case you end up misplacing the actual polaroid.

Badin suggested her followers use the document scanner feature on the "Notes" to select and scan the Polaroids into your notes. You can then share them wherever you like.


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Calculating Tips and Splitting Bills on Apple Watches

When eating out with friends, splitting the bill while working out what the tip percentage is can be a time consuming task, but the Apple Watch has a little-known feature that does it in a matter of clicks.

As shown by Badin, the Apple Watch's calculator has a "Tip" button that lets you select the percentage to add to your amount. It then lets you choose how many people to divide the bill between and works out each person's amount to pay.