Cadaver Video Showing How Organs Move During Pregnancy Viewed 8m Times

A TikTok video by a human anatomy institution explaining how organs move around during pregnancy has been watched over 8 million times by interested social media users.

The video was posted by the Institute of Human Anatomy in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In the clip, an anatomy expert provides a view inside a real human cadaver to illustrate the significant bodily changes that women undergo before giving birth.

Not for the faint of heart, the video, which can be seen here, shows how the expert folds back the cadaver's open stomach to reveal the small intestines inside.

The expert explains that as a woman's fetus develops, the intestines have to move out of the way in order to provide a clearing around the uterus.

They add: "So when the fetus is nine months into gestation, this uterus here will have expanded, moved those intestines and omentum completely out of the way, and come all the way up to this point here." He indicates an area towards the sternum, "known as the xiphoid process."

"That is incredible."

The TikTok video was posted less than a day ago as of early Tuesday morning EDT, but by that time the video has already gained just under 700,000 likes and nearly 10,000 comments.

The general response was that of shock and wonder as users wrapped their heads around the significant physical changes women go through during pregnancy, as well as the fact that they had just seen a medical corpse.

One user said: "Women go through all of this and men still have the audacity…"

Another said: "Okay this is very interesting but can I get a heads up as to what I'm about to look at next time?"

But for regular viewers of the Institute of Human Anatomy's TikTok page, the video may not have come as much of a shock.

The account, which has 7.6 million followers, is well known for providing an unfiltered view inside the human body and has been doing so for years.

One video from 2019, which also proved popular with 1.6 million likes and around 15,800 comments, showed the location of the human stomach and highlighted that people often confuse it with the intestines.

Speaking to Inverse in 2020, Jeremy Jones, the institute's founder, discussed the account's popularity. He said: "Literally, it has gone from teaching thousands of students to millions. I mean, that's what it turned into with TikTok."

Jones also highlighted the importance of respect for the dead due to the large number of viewers the videos can get. He added: "We are very careful about what we show and how we show it."

Pregnant woman
A stock photo shows a pregnant woman sitting in a chair. The TikTok video shows the physical changes women undergo during pregnancy. kjekol/Getty