Cat Surprises 'Traumatized' Woman on Toilet With Live Mouse in Wild Video

A woman has been left horrified after her boyfriend's cat decided to bring her a live mouse while she was using the toilet.

Elin Dafydd told followers on TikTok she has vowed to "never get a cat" after witnessing her other half's pet with the tiny rodent.

She posted footage of the astonishing encounter to the social media platform under the handle elind20, with the resulting clip racking up over 750,000 views.

The clip can be watched here:

Writing alongside the video, Dafydd explained that she first began filming the video after spotting the cat trying to get through the tiny rectangular bathroom window.

"I was just tryna get a funny video of her squeezing through the window," she told one follower.

As the clip showed, it quickly became apparent that the cat was carrying something in her mouth as she jumped down into the room.

"I was on the toilet and my boyfriend's cat decided to bring a live mouse in," the caption reads.

Coming towards the audibly stunned Dafydd, the cat proceeded to drop the mouse on the bathroom mat, before pawing at the stricken animal several times, evidently toying with it.

Dafydd said that the incident "traumatized" her. She also confirmed that the mouse later died in a development that "solidified" her decision to "never get a cat," reasoning that she "can't deal with them killing things."

But while the encounter may have put her off ever owning a pet feline, the footage drew more of a mixed response online.

Plenty were similarly repulsed by the clip. "This is the reason it's dogs over cats for me," mr_rai94 wrote. Kelly Cheyanne Natas said it was "horrible to see" while Alison McGuire commented: "I'd be screaming."

Some users recalled similar experiences. "My husband's cat brought a wild rabbit home once and dumped it under the dining table," ChloeJane wrote. "My cat does this and catches birds," Lucas Cooper added.

Others sought to defend the cat's actions. "Cats do this to tell you they appreciate you," SidzandSai explained. "It's a gift from them to you. Declining it can make them upset." Amber Smith agreed, writing: "Cats do this to show appreciation. It's horrible yes but sweet in its own way." Neil Roach588 added: "At the end of the day they are natural born killers."

Nicole Cosgrove from website Pet Keen recommends several steps to help minimize the number of dead mice your cat drags in. "Put a bell around your cat's neck and it will warn prey when your cat is coming," she writes. "It essentially removes one of your cat's greatest weapons: stealth."

"If you still want your cat to enjoy time outside but want to prevent the catching and killing of animals, restrict their time outdoors," she adds.

She also recommends avoiding bird boxes that can attract birds and rodents into your garden and urges cat owners to play with their pets more. "It could be that it is catching the mice and other animals simply as a means of entertainment," she explained. "If you play with your cat more, it can sate its feline desires to get out and chase things."

Alternatively, she suggests there are methods to train your cat to stop this kind of behavior. "When your feline friend brings you a dead mouse, thank it and give it a catnip-scented toy to play with before disposing of the dead mouse when your cat's attention wanders," she said. "Eventually, your cat may choose to bring you catnip toys instead of dead mouse toys."

While this particular clip highlights the primal side of life with a cat, there is plenty of examples of felines being both adorable and hilarious online.

One cat called Floof, for example, recently went viral after a video was posted online appearing to show her dreaming about drinking milk.

In another recent post, a cat called Kitty underwent a dramatic transformation after going for a nap in their owner's fireplace.

A cat, mouse and a woman's legs.
Stock images of a cat with a mouse and a woman on the toilet. One woman was left horrified after her boyfriend's cat brought a mouse into the bathroom. Nednapa/ gpointstudio/Getty