Cat's Unique Method of Opening Doors Delights Internet: 'Wrong Formula'

Cats pushing open doors on the internet isn't exactly show-stopping, but this feline's bizarre technique for it is out of the ordinary.

The saying goes that curiosity killed the cat, yet in this case, it led it to stop, drop and roll in order to open doors.

A cat named Taro has gone viral online after her owner documented the strange technique she uses to push open doors. In just four days, the post has been viewed over 800,000 times and has gained over 200,000 likes.

"Where did she learn this?" asked the owner in the caption. According to the video, Taro was completely unable to open the door back in 2020. Footage showed her simply sitting by the door, waiting for it to magically open.

"Two weeks ago, I saw her do this," wrote the owner, as Toro dropped to the floor and rolled over, causing the door to move and open completely.

Of course, simply pushing the body against the door would have the exact same effect, but Taro is none the wiser.

A montage of clips showed her repeatedly doing the action, receiving the same result each time.

Cats are well established to prefer open doors to closed ones, something experts have pointed to being caused by their innate curiosity and territorial behavior.

"If anyone knows anything about cats, it's that telling them what to do is not in their coding," veterinarian Gabby Wild told website POPSUGAR. "So when we close a door on them, they naturally want access to what they may perceive as their own territory or to investigate the unknown."

Other experts speculate that territorial behavior could also play a role, with cats feeling comfortable being able to roam the house, which they often deem to be their territory. It's because of this that some experts vouch for open-door policies in cat homes.

Along with dogs, cats also have an above-average-for-animals grasp of object permanence, meaning they understand that an object may still be there even if they can't see it in their vision. This is most clear when they realize that a ball is still underneath the couch after it rolls under, despite not being able to see it with their own eyes anymore.

Most cats have a desire to open doors, but not many use a method like Toro, who delighted the internet with each roll.

"She accidentally did it once and probably thinks it's the only way to open the door more," wrote one viewer.

"Right answer, wrong formula," commented another.