Pet Owner Reveals How To Make DIY 'Catio' Using Ikea Bargains: 'Obsessed'

A cat owner has impressed online after showing her DIY build of a "catio" that lets her felines relax come sun or snow.

Most cat owners will recognise the dilemma of wanting to allow your cat to enjoy the weather, without the added worries that come with it.

Cat owner @charlie_adventurecat took to TikTok with her ingenious creation using cheap materials from Ikea and hardware stores.

After initially seeing prices of "catios" ranging between $200-$300, the cat owner thought to make it for herself, using a shelf from Ikea as the basis.

Although hers was from Ikea, she explained that any adjustable shelving unit "would do."

"I measured how high the window was and set the shelf there," she wrote on-screen, showing how the middle shelf lined up with the bottom of the window.

Charlie the cat supervised the whole thing, as she continued to add galvanized hardwire cloth to the outside of the shelves with wire cutters and zip ties. The wire created a protective border on the outside.

The indoors was decorated with a washable bath mat, meaning any potential rain would not cause any damage. The shelf itself was attached to the window and house using bungee cords.

"The cats were very excited to check it out," she wrote on-screen as the cats watched the sunset from their very own catio. Earlier in the year, the cats were able to play in the snow on the catio.

Proving to be a versatile experience, videos also showed the cats enjoying lounging in their catio at night, with fairy lights on for extra ambience.

The at-home catio design has gained 4 million views and amazed fellow feline owners, with many vowing to recreate it at home for their own four-legged friends.

"I can't wait to try this," wrote one user.

"Obsessed," noted another.

Not everyone was completely sold however and some were left debating the age-old argument of letting cats outdoors.

Charlie's owner confirmed in a video that although Charlie gets regular walks, they live in an area near coyotes making free-roaming unsafe. The other cats in the home are medical fosters who get their own opportunities to spend time outside too.

Cats remaining inside is a choice that is advocated by many experts, despite some owners feeling strongly against it due to the instinctual joy felines seem to experience when outside.

Studies have found that free-roaming cats have an average life span that is 10-12 years shorter than indoor cats, thanks to safety risks like cars and toxic plants.

"Though it's true that it's much easier for your cat to get enrichment outside, it's still possible for a cat to live as happy of a life indoors without all the risks," Dr. Graham, chief veterinarian at Animal Humane Society, told its blog.

Cat on patio outside
Stock image of cat on a patio outside. Getty Images