Cleaner Waives $15k Fee to Transform 'Dirtiest Kitchen in Europe' For Free

A charitable cleaner has shared her generous free transformations of what she described as "the dirtiest kitchen in Europe."

Auri Katariina shared the video on December 6, reaching over 40 million views with her kind gesture. Auri regularly shares videos to her popular TikTok account, showing her transforming homes to a far more presentable and hygienic standard.

This time, Auri was faced with a home that had not been cleaned in over five years, after the owner suffered from depression.

"Eventually, she didn't have the strength to shower, so she had to cut all her hair off, so she wouldn't have to wash [it]," she explained in a previous video.

"Cleaning this home would have cost $15,000, but I cleaned it for free," she noted on-screen. Auri added that cleaning brand Scrub Daddy sponsored the flights and hotel, so she was able to help.

What began as an unhygienic, barely moveable mess with even dozens of egg shells atop the oven, was transformed into a clean, unrecognisable kitchen.

Clips showed Auri scrubbing away at the oven, removing stuck objects from the floor, and returning brown surfaces to their original colour again.

The kitchen wasn't the only problem area amazingly transformed by Auri, as shown in more videos, with the bathroom also taking on a whole new lease of life.

Previously, the bathroom had become so thick with dirt that the entire flooring and shower appeared brown and muddy. Once cleaned, it changed back to its original grey and white floor, appearing unrecognizable.

Close up videos shared by Auri also showed the oven tray being scraped from ingrained layers of food built up over the years, while she also filmed herself transforming the sink, which previously had stagnant water sat in it along with an accumulation of dirt.


The DIRTIEST sink in Europe! And I love it 💕👊 #cleaning

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Unsurprisingly, Auri's videos have been praised by viewers, not only for the impressive skills used to clean, but also the kindness shown by her to do it all for free.

"This is not home cleaning. What you did is performed a miracle," commented one user.

"My mouth dropped open in astonishment at the end of that video. I am impressed with your skills," added another.

One user simply noted: "Not all heroes wear capes."

Auri's head-on cleaning of "the dirtiest kitchen in Europe" isn't her only act of kindness, with her account regularly helping out those in need of deep clean, but unable to do it alone.

Just recently, Auri helped a single mom of two completely change her house from a cluttered, unlivable space to a family-friendly zone.

"I hope you know you took away about 90 percent of her stress," noted one user, among the sea of gratuity for the TikTok cleaning sensation.