Man on TikTok Refuses to Believe Washington State Is Blue: 'The Only Majority You Have Is Numbers'

President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, but his supporters aren't going gently into that good night. Some are still trying to find ways for Trump to serve a second term, including a TikTokker who claims that Washington is actually a red state despite the majority of the state voting blue.

TikTokker Dutch Hollander shared a video on the app a week ago titled "Math Time for Democrats." In it he says that he feels that the Evergreen state is actually a red one, because the landmass of red counties are larger than blue counties.

In the short video that almost seems like satire, Hollander explains his reasoning while unintentionally poking holes in his own logic.

He explains: "The majority of Washington State is red. The only majority that you guys have is the numbers, and that only applies to voting. It doesn't apply to anything else. We have the majority of land. That footprint-that area between the borders is primarily Republican. It has nothing to do with the amount of people living there. It has to do with the majority of ground, the majority of land-owned. We still have 40 percent of the population here. You have only got about 60 percent of it. So you put your little 60 [percent] in the little, little, baby, pretty footprints. We've got it in the big ol' elephant footprints. We have the majority: the majority of gun-owners, the majority of patriotism. We have the majority Ever play Risk? Put all your army in Madagascar. You ever win?"

To say Hollander's logic is flawed is an understatement. While it's easy to understand the point he's trying to make, as a map of Washington shows more red areas than blue, with most of the votes for Biden being near metropolitan areas like Seattle and Olympia. While Democrat votes are concentrated in big cities showing a small portion of the map, the larger populations explain why Democrats won states that may otherwise appear to have more Republican voters spread across them. It doesn't take a statistician to figure that out.

Hollander's video has been viewed over 183,000 times on TikTok and was also shared by the meme account Coping MAGA, where it was viewed over 343,000 times on Twitter. Hollander has also disabled comments on the video. He had also shared a similar video on November 6.

Hollander has released a few videos trying to further explain his logic but fails to support his argument. He pointed to Vermont where more counties voted blue, saying he didn't mean to imply anything about Republicans having more power to vote, because they had more land. "I didn't say anything about Republicans having power to vote," he said. "Vermont: all blue with the numbers. Washington: all numbers with no majority."

In another video he said he "understands this has nothing to do with votes," but he meant that the various counties actually made the decisions that affect their respective counties, implying that more counties in Washington have Republican legislators than Democratic ones.

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