Dog Expert Issues Warning After Viral Clip of French Bulldog vs Vacuum

A French bulldog trying to take on his owner's vacuum has left the internet in stitches.

Blue the puppy can be seen jumping up and biting the end of the vacuum suction pole in a viral TikTok clip shared by user @chelsimcavoy.

The video has 1.9 million views and 101,600 likes so far, but Stephanie Zikmann, a canine behaviorist, advises dog owners against pointing something in their dog's faces.

"Stop tormenting dogs for a reaction—pointing the device in the face of your dog is encouraging the dog to attack it. It may look funny but it causes long-term issues with reactivity down the line," Zikmann said.

Dog Vs Hoover
A stock image of a French bulldog barking and a woman vacuuming. A video has gone viral of a dog attacking a vacuum cleaner. Getty/AndreyPopov / yhelfman

She is also the author of the children's picture book I Can Be A Dog Detective! which is all about keeping children and dogs safe in the home.

In the comments, other pet owners have stated their dog acts in a similar way when they are trying to clean their homes.

Zikmann has provided two tips that may help make household chores a little easier for both the owner and the canine.

She told Newsweek: "If you are doing house chores and your dog shows distress, then place the dog in a different room. I don't vacuum around my dogs, I work on each room while it's empty.

"You can help build up a dog's tolerance to the sound of the vacuum cleaner by giving him a safe space to enjoy something positive at the same time. For example, a chew toy stuffed with something tasty will help distract your dog while helping to change his opinion of the vacuum. He will hear it and think it is time for a tasty treat."

Over 890 TikTok users have commented on the post so far and it seems French bulldogs and vacuums have a history.

One user said: "If you've got a Frenchy !! If you know you know the [vacuum cleaner] is the worst enemy."

"What is it with Frenchies and the [vacuum].. my pup makes my life so difficult sometimes," said another person.

Another commented to say: "I am laughing so hard right now."

Previously, Newsweek shared the hysterical moment the same breed was excessively barking at a vacuum until a Labrador pulled him away by his jumper.

It isn't just this small breed that has a problem with the cleaning device, but Great Danes too. We shared an article about a 150-pound 'gentle giant' that needed rescuing from a vacuum.

Newsweek reached out to @chelsimcavoy for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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