Dog 'Wins' Internet 'Drop Challenge' With Viral Dancing Video: 'Dogyonce'

Videos have been flooding the internet of people completing the "Drop Challenge" on TikTok, but one dog has seemingly blown the competition away with its version.

The "Drop Challenge" sees people going about their normal daily activities to the tune of "Yoncé" by Beyoncé— at work, in the home, out shopping and more—only to suddenly squat down while staring at the camera. Often, those around them are left shocked at the move.

What's more shocking than a human suddenly dropping down? A dog doing it. Houston the 2-year-old dog has been dubbed the winner of the challenge after gaining over 3 million views in two days.

The dog was filmed dropping into a squat-like position on its hind legs in various locations, from being at home with its family to in a grocery store. Regardless of where it is, Houston's skill at the move is impressive.

"This combination was learned a long time ago. We combined walking on our hind legs and lowering into the bunny position, which we also learned separately a long time ago," the dog's owner confirmed to Newsweek.

The video can also be viewed here.

"This has made all the others look like a joke," wrote one user in a comment.

"This challenge has stopped with an immediate effect," joked another user.

One viewer lovingly labeled Houston "Dogyonce."

The "Drop Challenge" was created by comedian Atsuko Okatsuka by accident on January 3. Okatsuka posted a video, which can be seen here, of her performing the move in public in front of her grandmother, who appeared both embarrassed and entertained by it all.

"Squatting over Little Tokyo," she explained in on-screen text. "I accidentally started a drop challenge, with people all over the world."

"The number one thing is, I'm learning new occupations for the first time," she added, explaining that she's even seen a rock splitter take part.

Three days ago, the cast of Saturday Night Live performed the challenge in a TikTok video with over 1 million likes.

The "Drop Challenge" video makes a refreshing change from the other trends TikTokers' dogs are often involved in—many of which have been criticized by experts.

In December 2021, Newsweek spoke to dog experts about the popular "bark at your dog" trend on the app, which saw owners bark in the faces of their dogs and record their reactions.

One video, shared by @adrianchateau, gained more than 32 million likes. Others have racked up many millions of views.

Newsweek asked dog behavior experts for their verdict on the stunt and the answer was more than clear—don't do it.

"When a dog barks very deep and strongly [this] could easily be viewed by another dog as showing authority or even bossiness to a dog that is nervous. To have a bark like this suddenly happen so close to a dog would absolutely be a surprise," said Joe Nutkins, a Kennel Club-accredited dog trainer and behaviorist based in southeast England.

"The majority of dogs wouldn't understand the intention behind the bark or in some cases where it has come from."

Nutkins broke down the body language of the dogs in these videos, pointing out their wide eyes, pinned back ears, curled lips, bared teeth, low slow tail wags and stillness. In some clips, the dogs are seen licking their owners' faces manically.

Although some of these actions are indicators of discomfort, they are often confused with signs of happiness—particularly the slow tail wag.

Update 02/08/22 at 4:57 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include comments from Houston's owner.