Sleep-Deprived Woman Films Boyfriend and Dog's Hilarious 'Synced Up' Snores

A dog owner's relatable dilemma when it comes to sleeping in the same room as her boyfriend and pet has gone viral online, reaching over three million views.

The situation is one that some who share the bed will be familiar with. You check the clock and it's been hours since you slept, with the sound of snores bellowing around the room. Now imagine that times two.

Bailey Chambers shared to TikTok the sleep-depriving situation she found herself in on May 12, when she slept in the same room as her boyfriend and her English bulldog named Kelso.

"When your boyfriend and dog snore on opposite breaths so it's constant snoring all night," she wrote on-screen.

The sound produced mixed both the loud human snore followed by a quieter, mellow snooze in the gaps between, making one synced sound.

"I just don't sleep," confirmed Chambers in a comment on the post, as she exemplified her need for a sound machine and earplugs.

In a comment, Chambers joked that she's become so used to the double snoring that it is now her version of white noise when she sleeps.

Although not being so pleasant for Chambers herself, the hilarious moment has provided entertainment online, as viewers flooded the comments.

"That dog snores like he works 12-hour shifts and pays bills," wrote one user.

"They need their own room," added a TikTok user, while another added that "they really synced up."

Snoring in dogs is actually relatively common, especially in breeds such as English bulldogs, Shih Tzus and pugs, where they have broad, short skulls with a short snout. This means they have a short breathing passage, making snoring almost guaranteed.

According to PetMD, other factors like the shape of their neck and the position the dog sleeps in can also play into your dog's snoring.

Occasionally, especially when a dog begins to snore out of the blue or it's not typical of its breed, it can be a sign of something bad, and it's recommended by experts to have your four-legged friend checked out as soon as possible.

A dog's snoring is something that regularly melts hearts online, or provides comedic relief, just like Kelso.

Last year, a video of a dog snoring on TikTok sparked comparisons to a cartoon character after being viewed over 15 million times.

The post featured a close-up of a Boxer dog breathing in and out. Unlike Kelso, this dog created a loud guttural sound and just like the cartoons, was followed by a cheek popping sound.

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