'Pavlov Would Be Proud': Adorable Dog Rings Bell for Walkies

The adorable training lesson a cockapoo went under has gone viral online, after she was taught to press a bell to indicate wanting a bathroom break.

Since being posted on October 19, the video has gained over 8 million views at the time of publication. Popular TikTok account Vilja the Cockapoo has over 900,000 followers and regularly documents the owner's mission to teach Vilja various tricks, including high fives and peek-a-boo, but this one was slightly more functional.

"I bought a bell so my dog can ring every time she needs to go outside," read the text-to-voice generator. The owner began by showing her how the bell works, pushing it down in front of her to demonstrate.

Then, the real training began with Vilja the dog being awarded treats for successfully pushing down the bell.

"Using it everytime we went outside that day," annotated the owner, showing the dog successfully pressing the bell at the door when wanting to go outside.

"This is literally the morning after," she added, with a clip of Vilja patiently waiting at the door pressing the bell, waiting to be taken outside.

The video can also be seen here.

An update over one month later showed that she is still using the bell properly, and now dings it instead of pawing at the door. "She only goes to the doormat if she needs to go outside," read the text-to-voice generator.

Vilja's owner added that she sleeps in her bedroom and does not ring the bell at night.

"Pavlov would be proud," commented one TikTok user.

"Your dog is honestly so smart," noted another.

The video can also be seen here.

Although most don't get views in the millions for it, bell training is a highly recommended technique by the American Kennel Club. "Many dogs will naturally begin going to the door, in some cases also barking, when they need to go out," it explained online. "But introducing a bell or button can help your dog clearly tell you what they need and want. This skill is useful for dogs of all ages, and can be particularly helpful while potty training."

The American Kennel Club advises owners to first introduce the bell to their dog and let them become friendly with it, including treats to reward them for engaging with the bell.

Next, it's recommended to place the bell near the door the dog most commonly uses. Every time the dog is taken outside, the owner should ring the bell or press the button, to show them how it's used and create an association.

Finally, dogs should learn to ding the bell by themselves, after watching the owner do it first hand.