Dyson Employee's Hilarious Takedown of People Misusing Airwrap Goes Viral

After the holiday season, many have likely found themselves as new users of the popular Dyson Airwrap, meaning some will also find themselves a personal victim of this Dyson employee's brutal takedown of people misusing the tool.

The Airwrap is a popular yet expensive tool used by many hair and beauty lovers—most of which are heading to TikTok for tips and tricks. In fact, the hashtag #DysonAirwrap has over 1.1 billion views on the app, much to the frustration of a worker who goes by the name of Vito.

After ironically being filmed by popular hair TikToker @jovialjackie, Vito has gone viral for his hilarious and sassy demonstration of how to properly use the tool, in which he directly calls out TikTokers doing it completely wrong.

In just three days, the video, which can be viewed here, has gained over 8 million views with users rushing to applaud his engaging and dry humor.

Using the tool for a demonstration on a piece of hair, Vito began his hair-demonstration-cum-comedy-improv, by explaining: "If you want more views on your TikTok or Instagram, definitely do it this way," threading the hair inside the Airwrap. "But otherwise, it makes no freaking difference whatsoever right."

In between his sassy verbal KOs of Dyson misusers, Vito did provide some useful tips, including using the brush to straighten the hair before curling it to make it more manageable. Once the hair is about 70 percent dry, it's time to use the Airwrap curling barrel.

"Move onto the rolling barrels and for the love of god, forget every stupid TikTok you saw, especially if the main person on that TikTok looks like they weren't alive during the Clinton administration. No one reads our manuals," he joked.

Vito went on to show the proper way of curling hair, demonstrating by pulling out a piece of hair with his fingers, leaving three inches dangling freely at the end.

"If I catch you popping one of these," he said, showing the method of wrapping the whole piece of hair around the tool in one go. "I will pop out of your furniture and force you to return the Airwrap.

"What you wanna do is hold it, turn it on, give it a wobble, let the ends catch—trust me, physics works—and then once they're caught, let go."

On how to finish the curl, Vito continued to add in his hilarious remarks, explaining: "This thing's 300 degrees, it's safe to touch. Well how do I know when it's dry? We're going to use our fingers and brains to see when it's dry."

At one point, he even pointed to the Revlon Styling Brush, a popular dupe on TikTok for the Airwrap, comparing that this one doesn't just "fart" hot air out in all directions like the dupe does.

With so many views, the Dyson employee has ironically taken TikTok by storm, as users rushed to praise his humor and even vow to buy an Airwrap after watching his demonstration.

"Man had me questioning if I even deserve my Airwrap," commented one user.

"Every company needs this man to do tutorials, i'm living for the sass," wrote another.

Many tagged popular beauty TikToker Mikayla Nogueira, who has made content using a Dyson Airwrap, writing: "Pretty sure you did things he's saying not to do."

"He's intense, I'm scared," she joked back.