'Egg Pockets,' the Latest Social Media Food Craze, Leave Internet Divided

TikTok produces food hacks and unique recipes like an assembly line, but this one is proving divisive on the app.

Egg pockets are the latest carb-free sandwich replacement to blow up on the app, after the hard-to-forget bell pepper sandwiches, and consequent "is it bussin Janelle?" audios, took over.

The trend saw users stuff a bell pepper with sandwich fillings before crunching into it, inspired by TikToker Janelle Rohner's keto-friendly recipe, which in her own words was "bussin."

Now, the egg pockets are offering the same keto-friendly style, but debatably a little more enjoyable and a lot less crunchy—though it does require more effort than simply cutting a pepper in half.

TikTok user @reducedfatmeal first introduced the egg pockets in July with a video reaching over 5 million likes. Little was given away by the video as the cooking was filmed, with no instructions or ingredient list.

The pockets however are made by first heating oil in a pan, before dipping a large spoon or spatula into it. You then dip the tool into a bowl of whisked eggs, and then dunk into the oil until it cooks the egg.

The egg should cook around the spatula or spoon, creating the pocket shape. The oil means the egg should slip straight off after cooking.

To make the sandwich part, simply fill the pocket with your desired fillings. @reducedfatmeal chose lettuce, more egg and sriracha sauce.

TikTok account @caughtsnackin recreated the recipe just two days ago, gaining over 200,000 views.

"Wow, nice one. I will try it tomorrow for my breakfast," wrote one TikTok viewer.

For some however, filling the pocket with yet another egg was just a step too far. "How can you put an egg inside an egg?" commented one user.

"Tell me you like eggs without telling me you like eggs," joked another.

"Who is going to waste that much oil for that?" asked one person.

Unconventional Use of Eggs

Users unhappy with the double-egg suggestion can of course just replace it with their own choice of fillings. "I'm going to try different ingredients, but with the outer egg concept," vowed a TikTok user in a comment.

If the unconventional use of an egg in this recipe shocks you, then you likely haven't browsed TikTok in recent times. The app repeatedly births out-there recipes and food combinations.

Earlier in the summer, TikTok users were eating mustard with watermelon, and surprisingly enjoying it. Singer Lizzo however wasn't sold, and was instead left confused when she tested it, ultimately swapping it out for Tajin in the end.

Hands cracking eggs in a pan
A file photo of a woman cracking eggs. Getty Images