Woman Shares Emotional Video of Her Father's Release From Prison After 24 Years

A woman has shared a tear-jerking video capturing her fathers release from prison, after he served 24 years for a non-violent crime.

Alayah Byers shared footage to TikTok from her account 22orsomething on May 13, which began with a clip of her car ride to the prison.

The overlaid text read: "My mom and I are picking up my dad from prison after serving 24 years for a non-violent drug offense."

She then states that "Video is not permitted in prison," before the camera cuts to her dad sat in the front seat of the car on the phone talking to her grandma.

He can be heard saying: "I'm out mama, it is hard to believe but the further I get away from the prison the more it hits me."

Next Byers shares a montage of the things she did with her father during his first taste of freedom, including getting Starbucks coffee and clothes shopping.

Byers then explains that she organized a beautiful treat for her parents, writing: "Checked him and my mom into a beach front hotel."

The room has stunning views, and she then shows her parents walking hand in hand, captioning it: "True love."

The video ends with a photograph of Byers and both her parents smiling in front of the resort, which she labels: "Our first picture outside of the prison."

Byers' precious family day has been viewed over 971,800 times and received 207,500 likes.

Many flooded the comments section with well-wishes and their views on his sentencing.

TikTok user Valerieanna93 wrote: "It's sick that he was there for 24 years for a nonviolent drug offence. We've got major work to do!! I'm so happy he's free."

Lauren Briddon commented: "Everyone keeps saying how happy they are for you and your family, but I'm just so so sorry this ever happened to him in the first place."

Diamonds in the Ruff added: "Our justice system failed your family greatly. Glad he is out, time to heal. Time to create the memories you couldn't!!! Sending hugs and smiles!!!"

Tarot School typed: "24 years is completely unacceptable, but I am so happy y'all are back together!"

Whereas Jasmin exclaimed: "Bawling! Your family didn't deserve to be stolen of years of memories. May each day forward be better than the last. Thank you for sharing!

Kristie Ford wrote: "So many emotions. Angry that people are locked up for non violent crimes. Sad you went so long without your dad. Happy that he is out and smiling."

On May 18 Byers set up a GoFundMe page to help her father get "readjusted to society."

Speaking to Newsweek Byers said: "I hope everyone who sees my video realizes how over-sentencing is a disease running rampant in the justice system and it not only effects individuals but their families as well."

A hand freed from handcuffs
A stock image of a hand which has been freed from handcuffs. In the TikTok video a woman films her dad's release from prison, after 24 years. Getty Images