Amazing Hack To Get the Perfect French Manicure Every Time Takes Over

The pandemic saw a huge rise in at-home beauty treatments and DIY attempts at nails, but that doesn't mean it got any easier to do.

Anyone who's ever attempted one will know that French manicures are as fussy as they get, attempting to perfect that rounded white line at the end. The classic look is still a favorite, while modern versions include colored tips, meaning many are left rushing to salons to ace the look.

However, TikTok has now introduced us to yet another life-saving hack.

Beauty fanatics are using a silicone stamp tool, available cheaply online, to create the perfect tips. The stamp is a bouncy silicone material attached to a secure back.

You simply paint your desired color onto the silicone before dipping the end of your nail into it, creating a pristine French manicure tip.

The hack went viral after nail artist Sara Cady shared a video trying out the technique to her TikTok account @glamourphile on July 13. The video has been viewed over 12 million times already.

"I'm still in shock that over 12 million people have seen and wanted to watch my video. I only posted it because I thought it would be a great hack for beginners and at-home users," she told Good Morning America.

Although the trick was made popular by Cady, she actually cited her inspiration as smaller TikTok user @lee_beauty_studio in a comment, describing her as "the artist i've seen do this."

An easy alternative for the silicon stamp is a silicone sponge, something any makeup fanatic from 2016 will likely have stored away. The silicone beauty blender briefly became a trend in the beauty community but soon dropped out of popularity in favor of a return to regular blenders.

Now they have a whole other use—a replacement for a silicone stamp. TikTok users have been using the sponge in the exact same way as the stamp, simply layering polish onto it before dipping the nail at the end. The results are identical.

Alternatively, TikTok user @thehangedit suggests using a basic foundation sponge wrapped in saran wrap, creating a similar effect. While TikTok user @mariazarkova14 also gained over 700,000 views by trying out the hack on a regular sponge beauty blender.

The regular sponge did provide impressive results, but Zarkova explained that it's slightly harder to work with. "You need to be fast, as the polish dries really quickly," she wrote.

Hands with french manicure design
Stock image of a French manicure. A trick to perfect the white tip easily has taken over online. Getty Images