Friends Fool TikTok With Identical Faces in Real-Life 'The Parent Trap'

Two friends have left TikTok confused by their apparent identical appearances, though they are adamant they're not related.

These two friends, who go by the names Gabriella Reynolds and Hannah Grace on social media, are both from the same town in Connecticut, have known each other since elementary school and look almost identical to one another. They may sound like twins, but they're not.

Reynolds shared their story to TikTok in a now viral video, to the sound of the "what a lie," lyrics from the Julia Michaels song "What a Time," writing: "Us after successfully tricking everyone we meet into thinking we're sisters."

"Couldn't be less related," she captioned the clip.

In just two days, the clip has gained over 2 million viewers, most of which are in shock at their similar appearances.

"We started noticing we looked alike in 7th or 8th grade because we both had brown hair, blue eyes, freckles and braces at the time. Everywhere we went together people would ask us if we were sisters and would be shocked when we told them no," Reynolds told Newsweek.

"They're probably just fooling us all," wrote a disbeliever in response to the video.

"What if you're tricking us and saying you're not sisters but you really are," commented another viewer.

Although the story being a hoax is an obvious assumption for many, a social media search shows that the two have different immediate families.

"We go to the same college so whenever we're out together and meet people for the first time we tell them we're sisters. After they believe it for awhile we usually tell them we're just joking around and the look they get on their faces is priceless. We've also had a Victoria's Secret worker ask us if they could take our picture at the mall when we were in middle school because they couldn't believe we weren't related," Reynolds told Newsweek.

The friends do admittedly look extremely similar, but would likely not look alike enough to be classed as doppelgangers. According to a 2015 research study by the University of Adelaide, there's just a 1 in 135 chance that a pair of exact doppelgangers even exists on earth.

"Our friends think it's funny and always joke about it to us and our families don't see it as much as everyone else does," said Reynolds.

"Normally, the longer you know people, the less you think they look alike, but the longer I know you guys, the more y'all look alike I swear," commented one of the girls' friends on TikTok.

"You could literally tell me you were identical twins and I would believe you," added another.

While some noted the similarities between the film The Parent Trap, and speculated they could be siblings and unaware: "The Parent Trap in real life," wrote one user.

The pair continued to freak viewers out with their similarities in a follow-up video posted to Reynolds' account. Using the "two best friends in a room, they might kiss," audio, the friends again filmed themselves next to one another singing along.

"My own twin doesn't look this close to me," noted a TikTok user in a comment.

Update 5/28/21, 12:20 p.m. ET: The article was updates with comments from Reynolds.