German Shepherd Shows Remorse After Swallowing Mouse: "Guilty"

This German shepherd's face says it all as he has been caught red-handed after swallowing a mouse.

In a viral TikTok clip shared by @a_forest_witch, Richard the rescued dog can be seen with a remorseful look on his face.

The on-screen text says: "When you catch a mouse and immediately swallow it because you're confused."

Richard appears to be hanging his head in shame before looking at his owner with a guilty expression on his face.

In the comments, his owner states: "He is very much okay, but felt so guilty."

The clip has racked up 496,000 views and over 47,500 likes since it was shared on January 15.

Should You Be Concerned If a Dog Eats a Rodent

It isn't unusual for a cat to catch a mouse but it isn't every day you hear about a dog doing it. But there are dangers for both domesticated pets if they eat a rat or mouse, according to Vetwest. Western Australian veterinary care and services have outlined the dangers of ingesting rodents.


Rodents may carry a parasite disease that can be passed on to dogs, cats, and humans. The symptoms range from diarrhea, pneumonia, liver and diseases of the nervous system.

Roundworms From Rats and Mice

A mouse or rat carrying roundworm larvae is likely to pass it on to the consumer. Roundworms are common intestinal parasitic worms found in young dogs and cats. The symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, dull hair, and a potbellied appearance.

Ingesting an Already Poisoned Rodent

There is a small chance that a rodent has been poisoned prior to being eaten by a domesticated pet. "The level of toxicity your pet will experience depends on the timing, amount, and type of poison the rodent has consumed and the number of rodents your pet eats," the vet service stated.

German shepherd
A stock image a German Shepherd and a mouse. A video has gone viral of the same breed showing remorse after swallowing a mouse. Larysa Shcherbyna / artisteer/Getty

What Do the Comments Say?

More than 580 people have commented on the post, including dog owners who have had a similar experience with their pets.

One user said: "One of mine caught a baby bird out of the air and swallowed it whole. I cried for an hour."

Another said: "The look of 'mom, I think I can feel it moving in my belly.'"

"He just wanted to eat his new friend," he said.

Another person said: "That's better than my mom's dog who audibly crunches and chews them while making eye contact."

Naughty Richard seems to be the complete opposite of German shepherd Thea, who became a TikTok sensation after adopting two plastic toy pigs and appearing to nurse them in a video that went viral.