Goldendoodle Dubbed 'A Monster' for Destroying a Barbie in Hilarious Clip

Millions have watched the hilarious moment a Goldendoodle is dubbed a "monster" for leaving a Barbie doll without limbs.

The viral TikTok clip posted to @mamacitamilena has over 12 million views and 812,000 likes since it was shared on January 30.

During the video showing a doll without hands or feet, a TikTok trending sound by Queen aaa says: "what did you do? You're a monster." Followed by a clip revealing the perpetrator's identity.

Fortunately, all of the dolls' missing body pieces were found, but this isn't always the case when a dog chews something it shouldn't.

Newsweek reached out to a veterinarian to find out what a dog owner should do if their canine consumes a foreign body.

Dr. Anna Foreman, who works for Everypaw Pet Insurance, said: "If they have swallowed something they shouldn't have, there is the risk of choking if the object gets stuck in their upper airways, or even an obstruction of the esophagus (food pipe), stomach, or intestines.

"An object may pass through depending on its size, and the size of the dog, or it may cause internal damage if sharp or toxic. The owner should always be in contact with their vets if an animal swallows something it shouldn't: immediate advice and action can save an animal's life.

"The longer it is left, the more likely irreversible damage is to occur, with a pet potentially needing surgery or even euthanasia in extreme cases."

Dog chews doll
A stock image of a Goldendoodle and Barbie doll leg. A video of a chewed up Barbie doll and Goldendoodle has gone viral on TikTok. Brad Covington / Duncan McCulloch/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Over 5,500 people have commented on the hilarious clip and there seems to have been a lesson learned.

One user said: "I always told my son, if it's on the floor, it's fair game for the dog."

The original poster commented back to say: "Yes!!! I see a lot of kids had the same experience at home with their little monsters. They should learn to put toys away."

Other comments sympathize with the dog and some believe the sound was an original voiceover.

One user said: "That is so sad [and] traumatizing your child."

The TikTok user replied: "No child or dog [was] traumatized in the making of this video.[I] added sound and video!"

"Forensics gonna be easy with those prints," joked one user.

"He's like dang I shouldn't have done that but I just couldn't resist," said another person.

It isn't just children's toys and other belongings that should be kept out of a dog's reach. But some dog toys should be avoided too, such as small ones that are easy to swallow.

Newsweek reached out to @mamacitamilena for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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