Life-Long Best Friend Surprises Granny on 90th Birthday in Tear-Jerking Video

The tear-jerking moment a 90-year-old grandmother was surprised by her best friend for eight decades has warmed the hearts of millions online.

Shared to TikTok on February 20, the woman's granddaughter, Nicole, has gained over 15 million views on the emotional moment.

Thanks to the help of Paulene's family, life-long friend Etta was able to join her on her 90th birthday four years ago.

As captured in the beautiful video, Paulene was overjoyed by the surprising appearance of her best friend during the day.

The family began sat in a restaurant ready to celebrate their grandmother's birthday, who had no idea what was about to come. Etta walked into the restaurant, unmissable with bright red hair and lipstick, and directed by Nicole's dad, approached Paulene, asking: "Is this seat taken?"

It took a good few seconds for Paulene to recognize her friend and realize what was going on, but the moment she did was worth it, as she yelled and burst into tears, embracing Etta. The two friends hugged and cried in one another's arms, before Paulene explained: "She called me only this morning."

The men in the back of the room were even brought to tears by the moment and stepped out of frame of the camera.

"I told you I wasn't having a party," said Paulene.


4 years ago for my grandmothers 90th birthday her best friend since they were little surprised her. #MaiselChallenge #MakeItGucci #SephoraLipLook

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"I know, but Judy called me during the week and said you know Marc will pick you up if you want to come, I thought that was the best information I could have ever had," said Etta.

"After I spoke to you, I went to get washed, brush my teeth and look what happened," she continued, showing her lost false tooth and inciting laughter from both.

According to research by The Book of Everyone, the average woman has six best friends over their lifetime and a female friendship has an average lifespan of 16 years.

For Etta and Paulene however, it's far from an average friendship. The pair met in elementary school, and have been best friends since with them being 94 now.

Although granddaughter Nicole explained online that she was unable to source any images of them any younger, she showed a picture of the two friends together in 1978 aged 50.

The life-long friendship between the two women gripped the hearts of many online, who flooded the comments with messages of joy and appreciation for friendships.

"In a world that to a fault idolizes romantic love, it is our friendships that truly fulfil us through the entirety of life. Friendship is sacred," wrote one user.

"Besties can be soulmates too," noted another.

A video uploaded by Nicole showed Paulene's reaction to her newfound online fame, when the video was at just 1.2 million likes.

"Hi everybody, love you all," she laughed after being asked to say hi to her fans.