'Perfect' Baking Hack Shows How to Mess-Free Measure Sticky Ingredients

A TikTok hack appears to have found a solution to the tricky process of adding sticky ingredients into a mixing bowl.

Bakers will be all too familiar with the situation: you're mixing all your ingredients together and you're faced with the challenge of dripping the measured spoon of honey or syrup into the bowl.

The TikTok hack seemingly provides an easy solution, leaving the internet baffled as to why they weren't already using it.

Baking TikToker @healingwithholly22 shared the quick fix to her account on March 15, where she has gained over 200,000 likes. The video explains the process step by step.

Holly advises bakers simply to dip the back of the spoon into the mountain of flour already in the bowl and remove it gently, leaving behind the "perfect measurement." Bakers should then pour the sticky ingredient straight into the spoon-sized dent left in the dry ingredient.

Doing this skips the fiddly part of dripping the measured out sticky ingredient into the bowl, inevitably leaving half of it still on the spoon or splashing onto the counter as you try to shake it off.

Holly's hack however reached true viral level when it caught the attention of TikToker @bothegoattv, Bo Corley, who creates cooking videos. Corley tried and tested the trick himself and concluded one thing: "Y'all be on X games mode." With his trial of the hack he gained over 2 million likes.

Bakers have been attempting to solve this issue with various tricks over the years, though none seem quite as simple as this one. Some advise you coat the inside of a measuring cup or spoon with oil, before using that oiled spoon or cup to measure the sticky ingredients. In theory, they should just slide straight off the oil.

Another trick for those not wanting to add extra oil to the bowl is to simply do the same with hot water instead.


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Neither trick seems to have been quite as well received as this latest TikTok hack, however, with it receiving rave reviews.

"TikTok University did it again," joked one user.

"This made me so mad, like how did I go all this time without thinking of that," added another.

One user noted: "I've learned way more on this dancing app than I ever did in school."

Many people feel the same way, with hacks rolling out of TikTok seemingly on a never-ending cycle.

Perfect Cookies

Baking enthusiasts were excited to learn, for example, exactly how to get perfectly round cookies each and every time.

Last year, @babychrismom showed how she gets the perfect shape while baking, advising viewers to "use a coffee cup or glass" to place on top of a smaller cookie. Using the cup, she swirled the cookies around in a circular motion while still on the baking tray.

It's essential, she explained, to do the hack "right after you get them out of the oven."

As if by magic, the once ill-shaped cookie transformed into a perfect circle after lifting the cup. The surprising reveal left doubts in the minds of some viewers, who demanded to see it with a clear glass.