Woman Shares Amazing Hack To Strip Corn Ears Using Everyday Kitchen Item

Fresh corn is the preferred choice over canned for many, but the dilemma of removing the corn can sometimes be an issue when eating straight from the cob isn't wanted.

Now, a TikTok user has shared a handy trick for stripping corn using a tool you probably already have in the kitchen.

A Bundt pan is usually used for baking circular-shaped cakes and desserts, but now it's being used for a far more savory food.

In the video, @creativescraps demonstrated that placing the pan on top of a bucket works as a corn stripper, along with some elbow grease. Taking cooked corn ears, her husband pushed the corn down on the Bundt pan, lining up the core with the center.

Ultimately, the corn is stripped and falls into the pan, while the core falls through the gap into the bucket.

As shown in a later video by the TikTok user, the corn must be boiled first, otherwise the corn kernels will not strip from the core.

"Saw it on TikTok and had to try it. Wonderful corn all winter. Bundt pan $8.97, Walmart. My husband filled the hole a bit bigger," she captioned the clip.

Although Bundt pans have been used in the corn stripping process on TikTok, most hacks involve using the pan to hold the corn against, before using a knife to cut the niblets away. @creativescraps also confirmed in a comment that this method removes the whole niblet, "unlike a knife."


I saw it on Tiktok and had to try it, wonderful corn all winter, bundt pan $8.97 Walmart my husband filed the hole a bit bigger

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This hack however has gained over three million views and 200,000 likes, with viewers dubbing it "genius."

"Sheer genius, my friend," wrote one user.

"So smart! I'm for sure trying this," added another.

The trick is especially useful for those who wish to eat fresh corn during the winter months over canned goods. The corn can be frozen after being stripped, to be eaten at a later date.

TikTok has become a hub for useful tricks involving food and gadgets already in the kitchen. In July, a TikTok user's hack for shredding chicken went viral on the app, as reported by Newsweek.

The trick, shared by @raising.wildlings_, gained over 46 million views and demonstrated how to use a hand mixer to pick apart cooked chicken. Chanel Kruger dubbed the tip, "the best hack of my adult life."

Breaking up the chicken makes it perfect for recipes including tacos and soups. "The chicken was in the pressure cooker for 20 minutes, with chicken stock. I then drained the chicken stock to shred the chicken, so i can split the chicken for my three meals," Kruger told Newsweek.

"It's been amazing to see cultures all around the world commenting about how they would use the hack—it made me actually google some of the dishes," she added.

Rows of corn ears
Stock image of corn ears. Getty Images