TikTok Hilariously Shows Man Discovering 'Buried Treasure' is Septic Tank

A man's hilarious video has gone viral after he tricked people into thinking he found some buried treasure—that in reality was just his septic tank.

Canadian TikToker Tony Huisman uploaded the video on Monday with the vague caption, "Found a secret box in the ground." Recorded over top of relaxing music, the video shows him digging out a mysterious concrete box.

"I was doing some gardening in my backyard today and I uncovered some sort of crazy secret concrete box in the ground," he explains in a voiceover. "I found a handle after digging for a while, then after digging for a bit more I uncovered the second handle."

He then began to pull but had to bring in "the big guns" and use a pry bar to lift the top. But the box's contents were far from glamorous.

"You'll never believe what I found," he concludes. "It was my septic tank." The video ends with Huisman gagging and running away from the horrific find.

The video quickly racked up over 5 million views and has audiences in stitches. "Ummm I think it wasn't treasure," one joked. Another who recognized quickly it was a septic tank wrote, "Me watching this: 'Don't open that. Don't open that. No no don't open that...'"


Reply to @hoodietvent Thought we was on city sewage. Hopefully this answers everyone's questions from the previous video #septic @wellandsepticlife

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In a follow-up video, Huisman explained that he did know it was a septic tank, but prior to his call with the plumber he didn't. "So yesterday everything in the house suddenly stopped draining, like, completely," he explained. "Everything got completely blocked and I was plunging the heck out of my toilet, the shower, the sink ... So we called a plumber and he got here looked around and asked us 'When was the last time you had your septic tank pumped?'

"What! We didn't know we were on a septic system!" he said.

Huisman, who has lived in the house for six years, claims his landlord never informed him, and previous tenants even planted a garden on top of where the tank was buried.

"I knew there was a septic tank and I was digging it out on purpose," he explained. "The dumb part is that none of us knew we were on a septic system."

One viewer even joked, "I can't explain this. Maybe it's morbid curiosity ... but I want to see the inside of it." Huisman replied, calling the contents "nasty af."

"[TikTok] probably would have removed the video. Picture brown jello but with like animal fat mixed in," he said.

Septic tanks have proven far more dangerous in the past. Two years ago, an Oregon woman fell into a septic tank and was left trapped for three days.

Septic tank
Tony Huisman's viral TikTok shows him discover his house's septic tank, like the one above. Getty Images