Video of Couple on Romantic Break Stranded by Historic Snowstorm Goes Viral

A couple's holiday getaway turned into what some have described as a nightmare, and others a Hallmark movie, when they were snowed in for days.

The small town they visited, Leavenworth, Washington, is known for being a Christmas getaway, but this year went a step further with the heaviest snow they've seen in 25 years.

Brittany Clark-Hargraves and Cory Hargraves went viral online with over 1 million views after showing how their romantic trip to the Bavarian-style village Leavenworth went downhill.

On Thursday, the same day the couple arrived, Leavenworth received 36 inches of snow in less than 24 hours, while some microclimates received 48 inches of snow—enough for the mayor to declare it an emergency.

In a video shared to TikTok, Brittany Clark-Hargraves showed the before and after of the village.

"We came to Leavenworth, Washington for an after holiday getaway," she wrote. "And within 12 hours, we were in the middle of the biggest snowstorm they've had in 25 years."

Videos showed the difference between the light snow to start with, dusting the streets in a Christmas card-style, compared to the thick layer of snow, blocking shops and vehicles.

"The entire town is closed and all roads out of town are closed for the next three days," she added. Videos showed their truck bombarded by thick snow, stuck in place.

The couple told local outlet King 5 that they had planned to stay for three nights after arriving on Thursday, but knew this storm wasn't just any ordinary one when they heard locals talking about it.

"So we kind of thought, 'oh no, what did we get ourselves into,'" said Brittany Clark-Hargraves.

"You should worry when the locals start to get worried, and we were like 'uh oh,'" said Cory Hargraves.

The couple weren't charged for the extra stay at their hotel according to their TikTok, but other snowed-in visitors apparently were. They did manage to free their truck with the use of a broom borrowed from the hotel, but with all the passes closed, it was of little use.


Stuck in a snow storm. Our truck is completely buried! #pnw#snowstorm #wenatchee #leavenworth #leavenworthwa

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"Snow and snowstorms are normal around here. We came prepared, and love the adventure," confirmed Brittany Clark-Hargraves in a follow-up TikTok video.

"We're not TikTokers, and so we were bored because we were stuck and just decided to tell a little story," she told King 5, on the TikTok fame over her vacation.

For most viewers, the disaster was a plot straight from a festive Hallmark movie—where the new girl in town and local boy, or in this case husband and wife, get romantically snowed in together.

"Sounds like the beginning of a Lifetime romance movie," commented one TikTok user.

"And now you're locked in a Hallmark movie," joked another.

The couple did manage to return home to Olympia on Sunday night after the passes opened up again, but the town is still reportedly facing the aftereffects, with even the National Guard making wellness checks.

"I think everybody there was just embracing the moment of being stuck in a winter wonderland, and it was fun," said Brittany Clark-Hargraves.