'Lettuce Chips' Food Trend Goes Viral as People Brand Snack 'Just Salad'

"Lettuce chips" are the latest snack to take over TikTok, but just as quickly as they're gaining foot, they're also disgusting people.

The healthy food is suggested as an alternative snack to potato chips, according to Amal Awad, who showcased the trending recipe on TikTok.

For others online though, it's simply a salad in disguise—despite how many people have been trying and seemingly loving the recipe in viral videos.

Awad shared the recipe, her only video, to TikTok on February 6, instructing people how they can make one of her favorite snacks—cue, "lettuce chips."

"When you're hungry you can make something called lettuce chips, so you take the lettuce and kind of rip it apart." she explained in the clip, doing exactly that with the vegetable.

She went on to add lemon juice and white vinegar along with pink salt and black pepper. After mixing the ingredients, she bit into the crunch chip alternative.

"I like to eat with my hands because I'm pretending this is a potato chip," she said, adding that she enjoys eating them while watching a movie.

"It tastes good and it's not fattening. I like it because when I'm watching a movie I actually enjoy it," she said. "It satisfies my salty tooth."

The snack was enough to spark others to try it out themselves, including popular food TikToker @feelgoodfoodie who recreated it on her account, gaining over 1.6 million views and 200,000 likes.

"I've never craved lettuce as much as I did after watching Amal Awad make her lettuce chips," she claimed.

"It didn't look like chips to me and I don't think you can replace chips but she made me crave a salad so bad."


I’ve never craved lettuce as much as I did after watching @Amal Awad make her lettuce chips! ☺️ 🥬 #lettucechips

♬ original sound - Feel Good Foodie

@feelgoodfoodie might have recommended the "lettuce chips" but it failed to impress viewers. "Um mum, that's a salad without a fork," commented one user.

The disdain aimed at the trend doesn't just end on TikTok either, as Twitter users also discovered the bizarre recipe. @athomewithshannon recorded her attempt at the chips with an apparentl spoof-like attitude. this managed to spread the recipe across social media, as people hate-watched her version—claiming the recipe was "just salad."

"So sorry to inform you that there's a new TikTok trend called 'lettuce chips' and it's this and it's sincere," tweeted one viewer.

"What we're not going to do is make lettuce chips a thing, it's called a salad," said TikTok user @publyssity in a reaction video. "This can not be a thing."

"I'm begging you guys don't make this a thing," she continued.