McDonald's Worker Reveals What She Does When Customers Want Unsalted Fries

A McDonald's worker has revealed what she does when a customer asks for no salt on their fries.

Wanting fresh fries at McDonald's is a common request, but with customers doubting just how fresh the fries often are, they've come up with sneaky techniques to ensure they really are from a newly cooked batch.

The latest ruse appears to be requesting unsalted fries, under the impression that the worker will need to make a fresh batch to ensure there is no salt on them.

McDonald's worker @haleylehane racked up over 270,000 views at the time of publication showing what she does instead to make sure new ones don't always have to be prepared.

In the caption of the video, she prompted customers to be brave and actually ask for fresh fries, writing: "You asked for no salt, not fresh.. next time use your big girl words."

With a popular laughing track playing in the background, @halyelehane showed herself in a McDonald's uniform in the kitchen. She approached the fryer and showed the fries, cooked and balanced above in the basket, unsalted and waiting to be served.

"Me purposely leaving fries above the oil after they're done in case someone asks for no salt fried when they just want fresh fries," she wrote on-screen.

The worker's confession split opinions online, with many admitting to using the no salt technique in an attempt to get fresh fries, while others were confused at why it was an issue.


“uM tHeSe fRiEs aReN’t fReSh” ok bby u asked for no salt, not fresh.. next time use ur big girl words♥️ #mcdonalds #clockedout #foodservice #serviceindustry

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"They have too much salt, that's why I ask for no salt, but my mom uses that excuse for fresh fries," admitted one user.

"Most places over salt their fries anyway. I order mine no salt for both reasons," added another.

Other alleged McDonald's employees claimed the different ways they serve up unsalted fries. One user wrote: "At my job we just take some of the salted ones and put them back in the basket and put them in the oil for like 30 seconds."

"During lunch rush, we would make three no salt fries (toss them after timer of course) but they'd always get mad they weren't 'fresh'," added another.

According to the TikToker, when customers ask for a light salt, they "still dump it in the pan without pouring salt on them. You just get the residual salt that was already in the pan."

In October, another McDonald's worker similarly went viral online, for claiming to simply re-fry fries when they receive a fresh batch request from a customer.

"When you DEMAND fresh fries at McDonald's," he said in the on-screen captions of the clip. It showed him scooping pre-cooked fries and placing them back in the fryer for a few seconds.