TikTok Mom Praised for Teaching Daughters Virginity Doesn't Exist

A mom on TikTok is being praised for teaching her daughters that virginity is a social construct. In a video, which gained over 2.2 million views since it was posted last week, the mother named Cayce LaCorte explained that sex doesn't have to be such a defining experience.

LaCorte started the conversation bluntly. "I'm gonna get a lot of s*** for this, but what are you gonna do?" she said in the video. "I'm raising my five daughters to believe that there is no such thing as virginity."

Why? "It is a patriarchal concept used to control women and serves no purpose other than making women feel bad about ourselves," she explained. "Just because some guy randomly sticks his penis in you at some point in your life, it does not change your worth. It does not change who you are. It doesn't do anything other than it happened."

Questions from other moms, including the assumption LaCorte's daughters may be "promiscuous," arose with her teaching methods. "Sex is important. It's a big deal; it should always be a big deal. It has nothing to do with your first time. It's just ridiculous. The whole concept is ridiculous," the video explained.

LaCorte aims to teach her daughters that their own worth can never be affected by sexual relations with someone else. "I'm raising them to be good people and have solid foundations and make their own choices and make intelligent choices. Not because some book says not to," she concluded the video.

In a photo illustration, the social media application logo, TikTok is displayed on the screen of an iPhone on March 5, 2019, in Paris. In a video, Cayce LaCorte said, "I'm raising my five daughters to believe that there is no such thing as virginity." Chesnot/Getty Images/Getty

The conversation continued when LaCorte responded to a comment from a TikToker who revealed they'd been raped. "By your standards, I'm not soiled," the app user responded. LaCorte addressed the comment in a follow-up video. "I have seen a disproportionate amount of comments after that video went viral about the myth of virginity. So many people in my life just talking about it have said the same thing; their first time wasn't their choice."


Reply to @remi_woo You are not soiled. You are amazing and brave and I hope I was able to help. #virginityisamyth

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She outlined non-consensual first times including rape, drunken encounters and more. "It breaks my heart because we put so much value on something that doesn't f****** exist. We make it shape who we are, and it doesn't need to."

To say LaCorte was praised for her parenting technique is an understatement. The video's comments were flooded with questions from others wondering how to approach the subject with their daughters, as well as those who genuinely wanted to thank her for the empowering concept.