Mom Shows Daughter, 21, Scrapbook She's Been Making since Birth: 'I Cried'

While the parents of today might have iCloud and Facebook albums, 21 years ago things weren't quite so easy. The mother of TikTok user theblondishblog has documented her whole life thus far in a heartwarming scrapbook gifted on her milestone birthday and simultaneously inducing tears across the internet.

"Today is my 21st birthday and my mom gave me a scrapbook she's been making since she was pregnant with me," wrote theblondishblog, real name Mollie, in a clip that has gained over 300,000 views in just one day.

Mollie had never seen the book before and described it as the "best gift" she's ever received. Her mom has been working on the scrapbook since before she even arrived on earth, starting it just days before she was born.

"Waiting for Mollie," she wrote, next to images of her ready to pop, holding her bump "The days before you were born," she noted.

Dried flowers were shown on the next page, from her first-ever gifted bouquet before footprints in paint and her first Mother's and Father's Day cards, "written" by a baby Mollie.

Pictures from her first holiday in May 2002 to Majorca at 10 and a half months showed a tiny Mollie smiling in the sun, along with pictures of her in her first pair of "real" shoes. Every milestone moment was captured there in the scrapbook, with pictures following through her life from Halloween to her first day at school.

When Mollie began speaking, her mom documented each and every word she spoke in order. "Mummy" and "Daddy" came first, with Eeyore also making an appearance on the list.

Everything was organized in easy-to-follow fashion, guiding Mollie through her own life all laid out before her. "Thank You mum, the best gift I've ever received," she wrote at the end.

Mollie might have been blown away by the gift, and the years that went into it, but so were people online. Viewers rushed to celebrate the clear love between Mollie and her mom, while others wished to have a keepsake like the scrapbook from their own family.

"This is the cutest thing i've seen," wrote one user.

"I cried so much, this is adorable," added another.

"I hope all children get to experience this sort of love," noted a TikTok viewer.

Newsweek has contacted Mollie for comment.

Scrapbooks on TikTok have become a niche of sorts, with many reaching viraldom after showing their uncovered scrapbooks.

Last year, one granddaughter went viral after showing her 73-year-old grandmother's scrapbook of her "smoking hot" boyfriends over the years, with images of each and every one of them.

Stock image of a scrapbook. A daughter has gone viral online after showing the book her mom made over 21 years. Getty Images