Mom Shares Heroic Moment Her Toddler Saved His Baby Brother From Choking

Millions have watched the moment a three-year-old saves his baby brother from choking.

In a viral clip shared by his mom @gracewatkins5448, Silas, can be seen jumping around with a hula hoop around his waist until he spots something in his brother Wilder's mouth.

Silas instantly drops the hoop and retrieved the piece of plastic from his 13-month-old brother's mouth. He did this by holding the baby's head and putting his fingers in his mouth.

Grace Watkins and children
An image of Grace Watkins, 30, and her sons Wilder, 13 months, and Silas, three, sitting in the car. Millions have watched the moment Silas saves his baby brother from choking. @grace.watkins.144 via Instagram

Newsweek spoke to their proud mom, Grace Watkins, 30, who said Silas has been "incredibly bright" from a very young age.

Watkins, who lives in Florida said: "Wilder is always on Silas's mind, and he has always included him in everything. I am so blessed that they are so attached, it gives me great peace knowing Si is forever looking after him the way he does.

"What Silas displayed in the video is a combination of seeing a technique I have used previously but with an instinct that was so unique.

"Silas's heart is so loving he is such a nurturing child. Wilder and I are so lucky to have him on our team. I am a lucky mother and I am grateful every day for these two little boys!"

Two screenshots that show Silas, three, retrieving a plastic object from his baby brother Wilder's mouth. The viral clip has racked up 18.7 million views. TikTok/gracewatkins5448

The viral clip has racked up 18.7 million views and 3.6 million likes since it was posted on March 6.

Watkins told Newsweek: "It was a piece of hard plastic that must have broken off one of their toys."

Over 31,000 TikTok users have commented on the post and they are impressed, to say the least.

But this sort of quick thinking is nothing new, as Watkins told Newsweek that he has always been advanced compared to his peers.

She points out Silas began walking at 10 months old and adapted quickly to his new role as a big brother.

She said: "From the moment he was born the first thing my mother said was he was a genius, he made very small correlations that were far beyond his milestones.

"He had a sense of humor at such a very young age that just didn't seem fitting to such a small baby. He was incredibly bright, and there was no denying that."

'He Was Definitely a Mother of 7 in His Previous Life'

The top comment has racked up 128 likes, it said: "I feel like he's babysitting the baby and the mom."

Another user said: "That face went from "I'm a child having fun" to "I'm a mother of 7 and know exactly what needs to be done" that is a brilliant and brave kid."

And she isn't the only person suggesting he has been reincarnated as another comment with 45,700 likes said: "He was definitely a mother of 7 in his previous life."

"The way he used the phone to look at the object. He's [a] genius" praised another.

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