Dad Can Play 'Any Song' by Ear in 30 Seconds on Piano in Impressive Video

A young woman has claimed her father can learn any song by ear in less than a minute—and used a Doja Cat track to prove it in a viral video.

Liza Kaye shared the video of her dad, Bruce, to TikTok five days ago and it has already amassed more than 4.5 million views.

Bruce Kaye, from Texas, is not a professional musician, though he does have connections to the industry. According to his LinkedIn account, he is an attorney specializing in entertainment law, who works with established performers in the contemporary, urban and hip hop genres.

His daughter, who works in artist management in Los Angeles, played Doja Cat's song "Need to Know" to him from her phone at the start of her video. Gen Z members might recognize the TikTok favorite, but knowing how to play the tune is a different thing.

In the clip, Bruce is shown listening intently as the lyrics "I don't really got no type, I just wanna f*** all night" play. He dips his head to get a better grasp and then begins to sound it out on the piano, pressing a few keys to test whether they match up.

"All right, you got it?" asks Liza. "I think so," he responds.

Bruce then plays the tune back—and it sounds exactly like the Doja Cat original. The video has collected more than 840,000 likes, as well as 10,000 comments. Most of the replies are applauding his talents, with some TikTokers also submitting requests for him to attempt in follow-up videos.

The footage can also be seen in full here.

"Absolutely incredible," commented the official Spotify TikTok account.

"He's our dad now," wrote popular TikToker Tinx.

"Your dad is pure talent," posted one TikTok user.

Liza has already posted a follow-up clip, showing her dad playing "Industry Baby" by Lil Nas X. This time, she delivers her request by text message, with Bruce replying: "That's an easy ass song. Give me 5." Then, just like before, he is shown playing the pop song to perfection.

Going viral on TikTok might be new to Bruce, but he regularly posts videos on his Facebook page showing him covering well-known songs—though none have quite matched the 4.5 million views he got for Doja Cat.

Musical talent clearly runs in the family, as demonstrated by Liza's other TikTok posts, in which she plays the piano and creates mash-ups of popular songs.

Newsweek has contacted Liza and Bruce Kaye for comment.

Man playing piano
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