Man Films Five Years of Family Home Videos in the Style of 'The Office'

Ever thought your life was like a sitcom? Jeff Hyer made that a reality after filming his family videos in the style of classic comedy series The Office. Five years on, Hyer has gone viral on TikTok after sharing the "episodes" from his childhood.

Now a professional videographer, Hyer took to TikTok to share his amateur attempts in response to a woman on the app saying she had always dreamed of her wedding video being made in the style of The Office.

"Hey, so I actually did this as a wedding gift for my brother's wedding in 2015," he said. "As a matter of fact, I documented every single family gathering between 2011 until 2016 in this mockumentary style, edited just like The Office."

He went on: "The one I did for the wedding was extra special, because it was a big event, and every character was there," with the characters being his family members.

Hyer's home videos-cum-The Office parodies were divided into 10 episodes, each around 30 minutes long. The snippet shown by Hyer in the original video shares the opening sequence of his series, fit with the theme song from the U.S. comedy and montages of each "character."

After amassing over 290,000 views and many requests to see full episodes, Hyer gave the people what they wanted and shared an episode on YouTube on Friday. It gained over 20,000 views in two days.

"I started making the videos because I was gifted a video camcorder for Christmas and that was in 2011. As a way to utilize that gift and pass the time with family, I started recording," Hyer told Newsweek.

"I believe that Christmas, we were watching that show heavily and felt inspired to take confessionals and perhaps exaggerate our characters to make some form of a storyline."


#stitch with @yourfriendtree I mokumented my family for 5 years in the style of “The Office.” Wish I was joking. #theoffice #wedding #comedy

♬ The Office - The Hyphenate

"Hyer Family Navidad," aka "Episode 7," was posted to his channel on May 22 after demands from TikTok viewers for the full show.

"At first, we were like, 'do we need to review this to make sure we don't get canceled right away,'" joked Hyer. "But upon review, we're like, 'no, let's just do it.' And we've been just ecstatic by all the responses we've been getting, because people who know us on a personal level are starting to watch them and are just saying, 'Oh, well, we just have totally enjoyed and been entertained by watching your family online, in our free time.'"

The episode follows the family on a Christmas trip to Mexico, fit with The Office-style lens glares and confessionals. Hyer described the episode as "Keeping Up With The Kardashians-esque" and the "peak of my childhood." Episode 7 features a dramatic storyline, set with tense music, of Hyer's sister Jenna refusing to do "dancer poses" for their mom's pictures.

Following this success, Hyer shared five more episodes to his channel. He is contemplating sharing the first episodes of the series too, which are "so bad, they're good."

Much like the real The Office, viewers were drawn to their own favorite characters, giving the likes of Jim and Pam a run for their money. Siblings Jeff, Jack, Jenna and Becca make up the cast of this show, along with their mom and dad.

Although Hyer compared the show to the reality show tycoons, he confirmed it hasn't caused any Kardashian-style dramas over who is the fan favorite, because they seemingly all are.

"What's really been fun is that I think everyone has fans. There's not a single character that's just been taking all the glory of this. I've read comments about Jenna, Jack, me, Becca all being their favorite, which is super fun because it's really evening out the playing field and there's no internal competition between my family or anything. But it is a question, we're like, 'Oh, who's really getting those likes?'"

One viewer wrote: "Ngl, Jack was really carrying this episode."

Another commented: "I love how Becca is just 90% of the time drunk. She's my favorite and I need more Jeff."

As with any well received show, a reboot is on the cards for Hyer, who is contemplating turning the family's quarantine videos into a 2021 update.

"I have gathered footage from all sorts of things like when we all lived together during lockdown and weddings and whatnot, without the intent of making a whole episode. But if in the case enough people wanted more relevant, current content, I would be able to stitch it all together and be able to update everyone," he said.

Update 05/26/21, 12:20 p.m. ET: This article was updated to include comments from Jeff Hyer.